File Hosting Websites

Best 5 File Hosting Websites

Whether you want to store critical business documents or family photos, file hosting websites offer you the peace of mind and protection required when counting on another business. Excellent for both meticulous desktop organizers and digital file holders, the best file hosting sites offer users an affordable way to store information. File hosting websites let you hold on to computer backups and files while freeing up storage space on your desktop or laptop. Such services eliminate the requirement for techies to get and configure added hardware devices and enable them to store, edit, and transfer data online easily.

In this blog, we will find out some of the best file-hosting websites out there. But before we proceed, let’s find out what a file hosting website actually is.

What are File Hosting Websites?

File hosting services are web hosting services designed specifically to host files online. You can upload anything from simple PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to high-resolution videos, photos, and other similar large files.

Some file hosting websites are there for personal use, enabling users to store different kinds of files (including photos, videos, documents, and music) online for simple access from anywhere. However, others are intended for business use, offering additional features like security measures, collaboration tools, and bigger file storage capacities.

Top 5 File Hosting Services

Whether you want a place to protect all the videos and images that show your memories or store business files that illustrate your hard work transformed into major success and accomplishments, you want a trustworthy hosting provider that will not destroy, lose, or expose your information. So, below is the list of best file hosting sites that won’t break your bank.

1.         SugarSync

SugarSync is a remarkably simple-to-use cloud storage and online backup storage solution that allows users to save, edit, sync, view, and access their files securely. It comes in both business and personal plans, the former of which goes beyond 2TB storage capability. SugarSync can control the permissions and bandwidth. Moreover, clients of SugarSync can try every plan for 30 days for free.

This file hosting service works with clients every month and does not need yearly contracts. Though it is quite expensive, its handy mobile apps, security, and usability make it a worthwhile investment. It also uses AES-256 and TLS encryptions, the same security protocols that most top banks and tech companies use to safeguard customer data.


  • Secure file sharing
  • Remote deleting
  • Automatic sync across devices
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Automatic continuous backups
  • Can restore protected folders

Price: 30 days Free trial. Premium plans start at $7.49/month for 100GB

2.         Sync

It is another top website that offers an all-in-one, robust file-sharing and cloud storage suite that assists teams to stay synchronized. Sync offers everything users require in a single place for reasonable prices, including file sharing, sync, backup, and collaboration features. The platform is highly compatible across different devices and lets teams integrate MS Office 365 for boosted productivity. With Sync, users can easily save money by consolidating various remote access, backup, and file-sharing tools they may use.

Sync’s two-factor authentication and excellent encryption protect against any unauthorized data access. It also prioritizes compliance, minimizes tracking, and does not share or access encrypted client data, making it perfect for businesses that store confidential and private data.


  • AES-256 encryption
  • User privacy
  • Real-time syncing and backup
  • Unlimited sharing and storage
  • Secure document collaboration
  • Automatic failover
  • SOC compliance
  • Files-on-demand

Price: Up To 5GB, it is free. Plans start at $8/month for 2TB

3.         ElephantDrive

ElephantDrve uses powerful partnerships and technologies with pioneering network-attached storage manufacturers to offer online backup and multi-faceted storage virtualization. Its 2GB plan is available for free but is not very exciting. However, its affordable introductory plan offers users 10x more storage space only for a couple of dollars more per month. Every premium plan of ElephantDrive comes with a free trial of 30 days.

Though it lags a little behind the industry experts in terms of productivity app integrations, we love the fact that the introductory plan of the company has support for three subaccounts and 10 devices – features reserved generally for business packages.


  • 128 bits SSL and 256 bits AES encryption
  • Compatibility with Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Automatic syncing across many devices
  • Native integration with various NAS devices

Price: 2GB use is free. Plans start at $10/month for 1TB

4.         Box

The box is a scalable file hosting service for those who have demanding requirements. It offers an interesting free plan of 10 GB for individuals. All the other packages offered by Box have more value. For only an additional cost of $5/month, clients can unlock additional reporting and security tools and unlimited storage to get a more protected and transparent experience.

Business clients can enjoy huge scalability with this file hosting service, which introduces many more features for governance and collaboration with the enterprise-level package. Box is a very well-rounded service provider for both individuals and teams.


  • Collaboration
  • Automated workflow
  • Machine learning tools
  • Intelligent categorization and classification of files
  • Secure and simple file-sharing
  • Nearly 1500 3rd party integrations

Price: 10GB is available for free. Plans start at $10/month for 100GB

5.         Google Drive

Google Drive comes with an outstanding cloud storage amount and is a hard option to beat.  Perfect for small businesses and individuals, this platform boasts the most excellent productivity tools. It also lets users edit, create, save, and share across multiple programs and devices. The familiar interface of the file hosting service is a great extension for the present Gmail users. Upgrading to unlock added resources is quite affordable.

While Google’s reliability is quite trustworthy, privacy can be an issue. Users cannot protect folders or files with passwords, which means you will need to pay attention to how you share sensitive data.


  • Intuitive search
  • Compatibility with various devices and files
  • Over 100 productivity apps
  • Data loss preventative rules

Price: Can use 15GB for free. Plans start at $1.99/month for 100GB

Wrap Up

Regardless of what you store and for what purpose, the best file-hosting websites can make your file-hosting experience much more cost-effective and efficient. These attributes resonate among businesses – particularly those having a remote or distributed workforce. Cloud hosting enhances versioning control, making sure that everybody in the workforce works with the latest information.

Look for a service with solid user controls to guarantee that you distribute your data securely and safely. Hidden folders and password protection are other methods to protect sensitive data. Hope our above list of top 5 file hosting websites proves helpful to you when choosing one. 

Best 5 File Hosting Websites
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