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How To Add Your BuySellAds Marketplace Page To Your Blog

BuySellAds.Com (BSA) is by far the most popular direct advertising site for Bloggers.Recently BuySellAds updated the site to version 3 introducing not only a fresh new design but also some new options for Publishers.One of these options is to place your Marketplace page on your actual blog.The Marketplace page is the page people are directed to on BuySellAds when they click the Advertise Here banners on your site, the page displaying your available ad spots and stats.

BSA call this option the Ad Sales Widget “..Show your ad availability and pricing right on your website. Most publishers use this as their entire “Advertise” page for their website..”

You can see a demo of the Ad Sales Widget for Spice Up Your Blog Here.

If your not yet a user of BSA or have had trouble getting approved take a look at out post “BuySellAds.Com Review And Interview With Founder Todd Garland

Add The BuySellAds Ad Widget To Your Blog

Adding the widget to your blog is easy, firstly you need to log into your BSA account and proceed to your Dashboard.We then click the tools option for the site we want to generate the widget for.Now we are presented with the page shown below :

The top code shown in theimage is for your widget and comes with it’s own options to Hide the title (Your Blog Name) and hide the description (The description on your BSA marketplace page).Once you have chosen your options you can copy and paste the code into a page on your WordPress, Blogger or other blog.

That’s it you have your BSA listing with stats and ad zones within your blog.

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How To Add Your BuySellAds Marketplace Page To Your Blog
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