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Endless Template Options With The New Blogger Template Designer

There had been hints and whispers that blogger had something big planned for templates and blog design. I thought they were going to add more default templates and let designers submit new blogger templates to a gallery. But what thy have done it a Whole Lot Better ! The blogger template designer was realised today and it is the real deal.


I have been known to have the odd rant about the customization on blogger when in the forum, but even i have to give kudos for this (I will find something else to rant about).The reason I’m so excited about the blogger template designer is not just the features realised today on Blogger in draft but also the possibility’s that have been opened going forward. You really have got millions of new blogger templates, you could give your blog a new look every day.

How The Blogger Template Designer Works

To get all the info go to the Blogger In Draft Blog : Blogger in Draft: The Blogger Template Designer

When Blogger release a new feature the first make it available in draft. This way any problems or errors can be ironed out before it is released on the main blogger site. This usually takes a week or two. So Remember to use the template designer you must be logged into Blogger in draft : http://draft.blogger.com/

Let me know what you think of this cool new feature, will you be going wild with the design of your blog ?

Endless Template Options With The New Blogger Template Designer
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