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Basics Of On-Page SEO (Explained)

Off-site SEO is a common practice and a number of site owners think that’s the main way you can generate traffic to a website. However, there are on-page tactics that make a huge difference, as well. Making small changes to your various pages will help you increase visibility on the web.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how high your site or blog is ranked by the search engines. In order to give you every chance to move up the search ranking ladder, on-page SEO tactics should be given a try. The results will begin to show up in a few weeks time.


Here’s what on-page SEO is all about.

The right title.

Search engine robots always land up on the title of a page before checking out other areas. This makes choosing the right title a crucial task. Some SEO experts will tell you that concise, unique titles will help you more than anything else.

Make sure you take the time to think of descriptive page titles that are not longer than 60-70 characters. The pixel width of the characters will also be taken into consideration.

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The perfect meta description.

This on-page tactic doesn’t affect rankings directly, but it can help attract more visitors to your pages. The meta description is what a person reads when your site comes up among others on the results page.

If the description is unique and interesting, the chances of people choosing to click on your site are slightly higher than others.

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Image optimization.

Most people don’t pay much attention to the file names of images. “Image123.jpg” or “pic001.jpg” are usually the default names and that’s how they remain when they’re uploaded on a site. If you want your site ranking to increase, then give each image an appropriate name depending on what it is about.

Also, you should use ‘alt text’ in order to describe an image. A bot doesn’t actually view the image, but checks out relevant tags that is referred to as alt text. If you can add a caption to an image, use the right keywords while doing so.

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Importance of internal linking.

Create links to your important pages through all your posts. While relevant external links are required, you should also consider adding a few that lead to different sections of your site.

This will help the bots and visitors to find additional information if needed – an on-page SEO tactic that can help distribute traffic throughout your website.


Last but not the least; you should concentrate on putting up fresh, unique content. This is the best way you can attract search engine spiders followed by visitors. Sites that have interesting content are bound to make it to the top of rankings.

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On-page SEO tactics might not be much to take care of, but they can really make a difference. It wouldn’t hurt to try these SEO moves once in a while. It could really help your site get that extra push that it has been lacking all this while.

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Basics Of On-Page SEO (Explained)
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