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5 Tricks to Sync Up And Maximize Your Social Media Efforts

Updating every social media site where you have an account can be a tedious task. One way to alleviate this is to sync your social media accounts together. This will allow you to post to one site and then have it forwarded to one or more social network sites that are linked together.


1) Sync Foursquare with Facebook and Twitter

Log into your Foursquare account and click the drop down arrow in the upper right. Click on the option for Settings and then click the Sharing with other networks link under Your Profile. A button to connect your Facebook account and Twitter account will be available. Click on the button for both accounts that you want to link to Foursquare. You will need to log into Foursquare with each account. Options can be selected for what you want to publish to Facebook and Twitter.

2) Sync Twitter with Facebook

Log into your twitter account and click the crop down in the upper toolbar. Select the Settings option to view the page. You then need to select the Profile tab on the left. Scroll to the bottom and then click the Post Your Tweets to Facebook button. You need to click the button to sign into Facebook to connect the account. Complete the process by clicking the Log In with Facebook. Your Tweets will not post to your Facebook wall.

3) Sync Facebook Profile to Twitter

Go to Click on the Link My Profile to Twitter button to go to the Twitter page for allowing Facebook to use your Twitter account. Click the Authorize app button to allow your status and other profile updates to post on Twitter.

4) Sync LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts

Go to the LinkedIn Learning Center and select the option for Twitter on the left of the page. Look at the right side of the page for a Join Accounts link. Click the Add your Twitter account to LinkedIn link and then log into your account if you have not done so already. Click the Add your Twitter account link that is at the top of the dialog box on the screen. Click the Authorize app button to allow LinkedIn to post to Twitter.

5) Sync Your WordPress Blog to Twitter

Go to the Twitter Tools page for WordPress and download the plug-in to integrate your blog to a Twitter account. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the plug-ion on your site.

By Guest Author –Virginia Cunningham is an experienced Internet marketer with 12 years of experience writing for businesses. She is currently working with Alphacard , the leader in Id Card Systems. In her spare time she loves to read books, work on her garden, and learn more about social media.

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5 Tricks to Sync Up And Maximize Your Social Media Efforts
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