5 Tips for Success With Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly growing as a social network. The site is designed line an online pin board for the user. While it may have some perception as a craft, recipe, fashion, and vacation site, it is rapidly becoming much more. The site can make for a useful marketing tool for those who understand how to use it.

Below are just five tips for success with Pinterest:

1. Use Interesting Visuals.

Words maybe get you shared on Twitter or Facebook, but one of the top tips for success with Pinterest is to use pictures, illustrations, and graphics to your advantage. You want people to share your information, your photos, your sales pitch. That is much more likely to happen with a visual of some sort rather than just some words on a screen.

Pinterest is much more than just pictures. Inspirational quotes, short jokes, or other messages can also become quite popular.

2. Don’t Underestimate Users.

You may think it will be enough to promote yourself or your business on Pinterest just by including your company sales pitch or ads, but Pinterest users recognize these for what they are.

If you merely use your site to promote yourself, you aren’t likely to get many people sharing your posts and even fewer people who want to follow you. Pins get shared if they are interesting, entertaining or helpful. If your posts are none of those things, you won’t find much, if any, benefit to being on the site.

3. Interact With Others.

One of the biggest draws of Pinterest is how interactive the site is. It allows a person to repin items posted by others, follow certain individuals and broaden networks. A successful user isn’t going to just make posts, but will interact with other Pinterest users.

Remember that there are a number of people who have probably been using the site longer and/or better than you. Following them and interacting with them can get you noticed by their many followers and potentially bring them to track you as well.

4. Be Unique and Be Consistent.

You don’t have to be a crafter or a skilled cook to do well on Pinterest. What you do need is a message that is entirely yours and speaks to your customers or readers. If you are true to yourself and your business, readers will pick up on that and will want to see more of what you have posted.

Keep that same message in line when you repine something from another user. If you are using Pinterest to market yourself or your business, you need to be sure that everything that appears on your board, whether it originated with you or not, is in line with what your company does or what you write or do. Keeping that common thread will ensure visitors are never unclear about you or your business.

5. Connect With Users.

Pinterest is a great resource, but like most things on the Web, it isn’t something that should be used on its own. Tie your Pinterest board in with e-mail marketing, other social media platforms and your company website. Entice people to visit your board through alternative means, and you will almost certainly see your number of followers and one-time viewers increase, which can make a big impact in your bottom line.

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5 Tips for Success With Pinterest
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