Change The Size Of Blogger Profile Picture In About Me Gadget


In this post we have a quick simple tip showing you how to change the size of your Blogger profile picture as it appears in the about me gadget on your blog.By default the image is quiet small around 80x80 pixels, By adding piece of css to your blog you can set the image to any size you like.This will help spice up what is a very plain gadget and give you more option when it comes to the profile image you use.We will be adding the code to your template via the template designer so it couldn't be easier.

Change The Size Of Your Profile Picture In Blogger About Me Widget

Step 1. In your Blogger dashboard click Design > Template Designer

Step 2. In the template designer click Advanced > Add Css (It's the last option on default templates so you will need to scroll and the only option on custom templates.

Step 3. Copy and Paste the following code into the Css section


Note - I have the height and width at 124x124 you can change them to your desired size.

Step 4. Click Apply To Blog In Top Right Of Page.

And that's it you now have control over the size of your profile picture.

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  1. nice sharing...
    thank for your guiding instruction...

  2. awesome awesome awesome thanks, thats all.

  3. Thanks this blog is really cool, it gives me an idea for my profile pic. you've share not just a simple tip.. for me it is very informative post....

  4. Wow nice post, it make my profile pic great... thanks for sharing this gadget.... it makes my blog cool.... Thank you for sharing this....

  5. man how to create menu for a blog????

  6. @ Sudhir - I recently covered a cool menu here - Lava Lamp Menu - at the moment i have no other posts on the subject I'm afraid.

  7. Thanks this blog is really cool, it gives me an idea for my profile pic

  8. This was sooooo helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial.

  9. great blogger tip! thanks for sharing.

    Can the image be centered?

  10. thanxxx but can u tell me how to fix image big picks during joining blog

  11. thank you for the information :)

  12. Can i make the box containing about me smaller?

  13. You're awesome!

  14. Thanks!! Is there any way to place the text below the picture?


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