16 Stunning Free Gallery Style Blogger Blogspot Templates


Blogger Gallery Templates

In this post we will continue my list of The Best Free Blogger Templates in the most popular styles.We have already listed the best Artistic Templates, Magazine Templates, Dark Templates and Odd Templates.Today i have listed some awesome Template with a Gallery design.Gallery templates can be used for any type of blog but are most popular with Photography Blogs, Design Blogs, Image Based Blogs and Portfolio Blogs.The basic premise behind a Gallery template is the posts are displayed on the home page as images, so the first images is cropped into a thumbnail and displayed.Some of the templates i have listed below are set to display up to five rows of images.The templates have lots of other features listed with the screenshot and for the Live Demo and Download details simply click the title.

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Top 16 Gallery Blogger Templates


Simplex Portfolio - Photography Blogger Template

Template Info : The simplex portfolio free blogger template is a fantastic template for any photographers looking to display their photos in a blog.The template has a large photo slider that slides through selected photos and 12 smaller photo areas.The template also has a posting area for text and other information,This template is perfect for photographers of all levels from beginners to professionals.

Simplex Blogger Template


Magnesiumize - Pro Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Magnesiumize is a Magazine Gallery Template suited to Photography And Design Blogs.The template has a professional design and color scheme.The template is made up of Three columns of post summary's on the Homepage and Two Columns with a Right Sidebar on post pages.Included is a Featured Content slider, Four Column Footer and more.

Professional Blogger Temlate


Work A Holic - Photo Display Template

Template Info : The Work A Holic Template is a specialist style for Photographers, Designers or just blogs that display lots of images.The home page displays the main image from the nine latest posts which can be clicked to lead to the full post or more images.When the home page images are hovered over they also display a message.The template also has a sub header and a three column footer section.The design is clean and white.

Photo Display Blogger Template


Creative By Nature - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Creative By Nature is a Three Column Blogger Template with No Sidebar as the columns are used to display posts.The template is perfect for Design Blogs, Photography Blogs, Portfolio Blogs and other blogs focusing on Pictures and Images.The posts are represented by the main image on the home page.

Creative Gallery Blogspot Theme


Premium Gallery - Photographer Blogger Template

Template Info : Premium Gallery is a specialist Blogger template designed to display photos and images.The home page will display thumbnails of 20 pictures which can be clicked to lead to a post with the full image and text.

Premium Blogspot Gallery Theme


Portal Folio - Special Portfolio Template

Template Info : Portal Folio is a specialist Blogger Template for Portfolios, Showcase Blogs, About pages etc..The template uses a clean white theme with a gallery slider and about section in the header.Below the top section is three columns for your info and details.

Portfolio Blogspot Theme


Blue Folio - Bright Gallery Template

Template Info : Blue Folio is a sky blue Gallery Magazine Blogger Template.The Blue Folio template is made up of two columns with a right sidebar.The template has a compact headers section and image only post summary's making it perfect for photo blogs, design blogs and other portfolio blogs.

Bright Gallery Blogspot Template


iShowcase - Black Gallery Template

Template Info : I Showcase is a gallery magazine style blogger template.The template is made up of two columns with a right sidebar and a Block color scheme.The home page displays only an image from each post in three sections of three.This makes iShowcase great for Photography Blogs, Design blogs and other professional Blogs.

showcase gallery blogspot templates


Brown Galleria - Gallery Mag Template

Template Info : Brown Galleria is another great Gallery Magazine template.As with all gallery templates the home page uses fixed summery sections displaying only the first image from each post.This make Brown Galleria a great template for Image, Design or photography blogs.The template is made up of two columns with a right sidebar and a brown color scheme.

Brown Blogspot Theme


Poster Inc - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Poster Inc is a two column gallery Blogger template with a right sidebar.The color scheme is bright with a white background.The posts are displayed as thumbnails on the home page making it great for Photography and Portfolio Blogs.

Poster Inc Blogspot Template


White Magic - Photographers Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : White Magic Is a Two Column Gallery Blogger Template with a Right Sidebar.The template has a minimal look and is perfectly designed for Photographers, Portfolio Blogs and any Blogs Displaying Images and Designs.The Main Color is White and among the features are Two Column Photo Display on home page, Search Menu and Footer Columns.

White Magic Blog Theme


Minimal Design - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Minimal Design Is a Three Column Gallery Blogger Template with a Right Sidebars.Minimal Design is a Css template making it quick to load.The posts and two narrow sidebars can be use to display images making it a great choice for designers, photographers and Portfolios.The color scheme is bright with a retro feel.

Simple Gallery Blogger Template


Designer Beauty - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Designer Beauty Is a Two Column Blogger Template with a Right Sidebar.The template has a simple design with a bright look, the main color is white.The template features fixed summery boxes to display the posts on the home page with a gallery effect.Other template features are Ads sections, Search and Numbered Navigation.

Web DESIGN Blogspot Theme


Showcase - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Showcase Is a Two Column Gallery Blogger Template with a Right Sidebar.The template has a specialist design to display posts by the main image on the home page.Template features include icons beside selected sidebar titles, unique blog description above header in menu and wood effect background.A great template for design blogs and photography blogs.

Image Gallery Blogger Theme


PhotoPlus - Digital Photography Blogger Template

Template Info : Photo Plus Is an advanced photography Blogger Template.This template is designed to display images only not proper blog posts.All images added will have a thumbnail and full view.The thumbnails are displayed in five columns and there are three columns below for info and gadgets.

Picture Display Blogger Template


Video Blog - Gallery Blogger Template

Template Info : Video Blog Is a Two Column Blogger Template with Left And Right Sidebars.The Video Blog template is perfect for Movie Blogs or Music Blogs with the posts displayed in a gallery format.The Video Blog theme features Ads Ready Header, Search, Rounded Corners, Hover Effect Menu Bar and more.

Video Blog Blogger Template

That's 16 great Gallery Blogger Templates have you a favorite ? Check out some of our previous Best Templates Lists.You can't miss our list of the Top 20 Best Premium Blogger Templates.

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