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Why Alexa Rank Is Important How To Increase Your Blogs Rank

Alexa has been around for 14 years checking and ranking the traffic levels for every site online. Alexa use toolbars installed on millions of users browsers to track the hits sites are getting. Every time someone with the Alexa Toolbar installed lands on your Blog it increases your Ranking. That’s all interesting and it’s fun to check out the top 10 sites online or the top 100 in your country but why is it important to have a high Alexa Rank and what can you do to improve your blogs Alexa rank ?

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Why Alexa Rank Is important

The major advantage of a high Alexa rank comes into play when you look to sell ad spots on your blog. Ad Networks and Advertisers take Alexa rank very seriously when it comes to buying advertising on your site. Webmasters and Blogger also take Alex rank into consideration when it comes to linking to your site, exchanging links, submitting posts and connecting in other ways with you. Even if you don’t currently sell direct Advertising on your Blog you will more than likely want to in the future so working on improving your rank now will be of great benefit.

How To Increase Your Alexa Rank

When i researched for this post i found lots of articles with huge lists of Alexa Tips And Tricks. However as i looked deeper and even in the comments for these posts a lot of these tips were shown to be bull….The first ting to do and a guaranteed way to increase your Blogs Alexa rank is Install the toolbar

Install The Alexa Toolbar

Chances are nobody visits your blog more than you, once you install the toolbar all those visits will be ranked on Alexa. The toolbar is quiet compact and on the Chrome browser you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Once installed it’s actually quiet interesting to have an instant ranking on every site you visit – Get the Alexa Toolbar here.

Make Your Blog Your Homepage

Once you install the toolbar set your blog to your homepage to ensure even more hits. If your family or friends didn’t mind you could install the toolbar on their browser and set your blog to the homepage also.

Write A Post About Alexa

By writing a post about Alexa you may convince some of your regular readers to install the toolbar. Now when they visit your blog it’s helping your blogs rank.

Others – Most of the people using the Alexa Toolbar are experienced Internet users,Webmasters and fellow Bloggers, Submit your blog to Digg, Stumble, Design Float, Reddit and other bookmarking sites these guys hang out. It’s suggested adding the Alexa gadget to your blog will help but i have seen this refuted. It’s suggested getting people to write a review of your blog will help, i have also seen this refuted.

That’s it, Since i installed the Alexa Toolbar only 2 weeks ago i have seen Spice Up Your Blog climb from over 110,000 to under 95,000.You can find many more Blogging Resources Here, If you have any tips you think are worth considering let us know.

Why Alexa Rank Is Important How To Increase Your Blogs Rank
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