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Top 20 Best Premium Blogger Templates

We have created some fantastic lists of Free Blogger Templates, indeed they are some of the most viewed posts on the entire site. But what about Premium Blogger Templates, templates that require a fee ? For a long time I never even considered listing a collection of Premium Blogger templates. There was for the last few years Premium templates out there but in my opinion they did not offer enough more quality than free templates to warrant a fee.


But all that has changed, over the last year I have seen a number of designers selling premium templates that really are a cut above the rest.Yes the free templates are still good and some extremely good but many of the premium templates now being released have the extra quality and features that are worth a the lousy few bucks they charge (No template listed below costs more than $20).

I have actually worked with a few of these templates and it was while working with the first on the list I finally decided to bite the bullet and do the list. So here it is I have linked to the demo’s and you can click on Full Details to get all the info on each template.

20 Best Premium Blogger Templates

20 Best Premium Blogger Templates

Avoid Template

Price $20
Avoid is a template I have worked with and It’s excellent. A bright fresh color scheme with a two column right sidebar layout. From the top we have a date display, social icons and page menu. Then the header which is split for ad placement on the right, below there is a drop down menu. The content is shown in so many ways with different sliders, gallery’s and posts by labels displays. On the posts pages related posts are shown along with both Blogger comments and Facebook comments for the reader to choose from


AJB Spot Template

Price $20
Wow for this one, the perfect Blogger template for Photographers, Designers or just Bloggers that like to show off some images. The main design in minimalist and modern with a unique home page design. On the home page you are greeted with a huge two way slide show, below this we have three sections for your featured content and a carousel slider then we get to the latest posts. The template is fully Social enabled and above the footer columns the latest comments are shown against a scrolling background.


Apriezt Responsive Blogger Template

The Apriezt template comes in two styles for one price. A pink color scheme and blue color scheme are your choices with the pink template including more playful features. Both are packed with features and have a WordPress look and feel. The visitor is given choice of how they want to view posts with a toggle between grid and layout. As with most premium themes we have a fitted slide show but also a breaking news (Latest posts) ticker, post options for the reader to change font sizes and a unique vertical slider in the sidebar. More features than we can mention make sure to check out the demos.


The Firestorm Template

Price : $15
I have to admit I have this template first as it is one of my favorite blogger templates. The Firestorm has a fantastic vintage design with some real unique features. While there is a left sidebar column and center column for posts on the right the background image (You can set the image) animates or scrolls. A neat music player is also fitted along with a circular menu.


Sevida Magazine Template

Price : $20
This is a fully responsive template with a magazine design. The template has a news site type design with lots of sections to show your content. Colors, Fonts etc.. can be easily changed via the template designer.


Sandal Jepit Gallery Template

Price : $15
A really minimal template perfect for designers, photography or as your portfolio. With over 500 sales this is one of the most popular premium Blogger templates. The design is responsive to look great on all devices. There is two versions available for the one price.


Geek Press Template

Price $20
Geek Press is a modern template with a real focus on content delivery. A large featured posts slider and breaking news section can show off your latest posts and featured content. Posts are fitted with both Blogger and Disqus comments to give readers choice. The template designer can be used to change fonts and colors.


Flat News Template

Price $20
Flat news is a WordPress style template full of sliders, posts by category and gallery’s to show off your stuff. On posts readers can choose the text size, comments have emoticons enabled and much more. The color scheme is bright with a full city at night background image.


Nami Press Template

Price $20
Nami Press is a bright green and white template with a two column right sidebar layout. The template has a fitter drop down menu and two tone full with slider among it’s main features. A very interesting Colosseum image is used as the main background.


The Grid Spot Template

Price $20
The Grid Spot is a great easy to use template with some unique features. Grid spot uses an easy slider for ease of use, the blog title has an auto logo and posts use an auto read more. The layout is two column with a right sidebar while the design has a neat color scheme.


Flat Mag Template

Price $20
Flat Mag is another fantastic Magazine or Gallery template packed with features. Three column with a left and right sidebar and so many ways to show off your content. Multiple featured posts sliders and gallery’s are shown on the home page and posts are displayed by “Latest Posts” and “By Labels”. Two menus, darts display, scrolling latest news, tabbed widgets, sharing buttons and related posts below the posts are just a few of the features.


Provia Template

Price $20
Provia is a template in a business or portfolio style. With a bright color scheme and a large slider that catches the eye. Provia has A WordPress look with latest posts and categories displayed. A unique sliding Recent Comments section is a neat feature.


Togglr Template

Price $20
The Togglr template looks a lot like the what we see on new blogging service Medium. A toggle slide out menu and side comments give all the focus to the content. The slide header comes with multiple options and everything can be styled via the template designer.


Flat box Template

Price $20
Flat box is another template with the magazine gallery design once again displaying lots of content through sliders, posts sorted by labels, gallery’s etc.. The color scheme is a bright and cheerful white and green with a blurred background image. Posts have the expected related posts fitted and both Blogger/Google+ and Facebook comments can be toggled between to give readers a choice on how to comment.


Pinotes Template

Price $20
Pinotes is a classic style Diary template with a two column and left sidebar layout. Against an urban sunset background the posts and sidebar have the look of an open book. A simple title above the drop down menu with slide out search. An understated template perfect for your personal blog, diary, journal or writers blog. The post image reveal sharing options and information on hover while on full posts a click can remove the sidebar to give the full page to the post.


Verbify Blogger Template

Price $20
Usually I love templates with all the bells and whistles but some bold responsive templates can be brilliant and this is one. With a metro theme throughout creating a kind of Tumblr style that has become popular. For a modern personal or portfolio blog this could be the one for you.



Price $20
Last be by no means least we have Masqoli a grid design two column blogger template with a right sidebar. Masqoli has a compact header with menu and slide out search to the right. Posts on the home page are shown in a grid format to get more of your content in front of the readers. A large slideshow sits above the posts while the sidebar has social icons with a follow count. On the posts we have a related posts section, author box and this guy was not long noticing the template is fitted with the comment style from Spice Up Your Blog hmmm…


Along with these there are 100’s more Premium Blogger Templates I just could not fit in but they could be perfect for you Check them out here.

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Author – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog. Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.

Top 20 Best Premium Blogger Templates
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