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Professional Blog Design Service Expands With Exciting New Offers

Over the last year i have been offering my services to work on your Blogs.The response has been amazing and i have had a lot of fun working on Blogs with Bloggers from all around the world.It has also been great to get such positive feedback and lets be honest I’m getting paid and an extra few bucks in the pocket is always nice.I have took on all sorts of projects from quick customizations to full blog makeovers and now i am excited to offer even more.

From today i am expanding the services offered to include some new and exciting options.

I have in the past had to sometimes refuse some work due to a simple lack of time but i have acquired the help of my Good Friend, Fellow Blogger and Design Genius Dasari Harish.Most of you will have seen the Awesome post he wrote on Spice Up Your Blog recently – Animated Flying Twitter Bird For Blogger.

Then There Were Two

I have been working with Harish on a number of things over the last few months and now together we can work to really Spice Up Your Blogs.Harish like myself specializes in Blogger design and he is also an Expert in all the latest web design coding including jQuery, Css3, Html5 and All the stuff that makes your blog beautiful without slowing it down.

Among other things have worked on the very advanced comment section you can now see on Spice Up Your Blog (Details On How You Can Get It Below) and the cool effect you see on the BuySellAdds banners at the top of the sidebar and header here (Fellow BSA Users Can Look Out For Upcoming Tutorial On This).

With Harish on board we can now take on almost any project and we have a few things in mind also.First as i said i have received amazing feedback over the last year here are a few samples..

What They Said (Thanks Guys) !

“…Service was quick and efficient…Definitely recommended – Annabel @ DizzyFunctional…”

“Paul, The work you did on my Blogger site is stunning….I would have scrapped the whole site if it wasn’t for you. Now I have a professional, clean and functional blog – Lisa Drubec @ The Friendly Blogger “

“With your quick replies to emails and excellent explanations the process was very smooth even though we are on different sides of the globe – David @ My VST Charts “

“You did so quickly, and in a professional and creative manner. I felt you really understood what I was looking for. I would recommend you to anyone looking to “Spice Up” their blog – Emily Hanlon @ Fiction Writing, The Passionate Journey”
“When I first contacted Paul to redesign my blog, I gave him very specific instructions on the content and overall appearance.Not only did he follow through on my specifications, but he also added in his own touch on things I hadn’t even considered that improved the quality of my site- Matty @ Matty Thoughts”

“I was having some major issues with blogger and you fixed those in a very short time. Then I decided to totally redo the blog and I love it! You were extremely fast and very helpful. Your prices are wonderful too – Joan @ Joan’s Gardens”

What They Wrote (Thanks Again Guys)

New Look On Joan’s Gardens

Blogs To Help You Blog Better

Need A Website Makeover ?

New Services And Specials

I am now confident there is nothing within reason (We cant get blogs to make coffee) we cant provide, So Go crazy or go simple or let us get creative.

Here are two new services starting with the much commented on comment section just added here on Spice Up Your blog.

Special –The Ultimate Blogger Comments Section ! : Have an Awesome comments section on your blog.Features include – WordPress Advanced Style with Comment Avatars, Color coded Name and date line, Authors Comments (Comments You Write) use different color name and date line, different shade background and Animated Admin Sticker (Can use different Image such as signature).Default image (You Choose) For Commenter’s with no avatar, Reply Button Or Link Is Optional.See them in action here – Ultimate Blogger Comments Section.5 Styles To Choose From And You choose the colors and images we create and install.

WordPress Template Conversion – Seen a WordPress template you just Love and want to use it on Your Blogger Blog ? No Problem, we will convert the template to Blogger and Upload it onto your blog.This will be a top quality job, many WordPress conversions are rushed half hearted jobs that do not work properly on Blogger.

Full Pack – This is a complete Blog Makeover Not only Design, Template, SEO, Social Media, Gadgets and more but also advice on best practice for your particular blog.The work does not stop until your happy and i am on hand even after the job has finished to answer any questions.Resources such as screen capture video are used to communicate and make the process as easy as possible.

You can see more offers and a price list on the Hire Us Page and remember these are just suggestions, tell us what YOU want.

Professional Blogger Design – Hire Us Page

Comments And Questions Below.

Professional Blog Design Service Expands With Exciting New Offers
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