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How to Write Breathtaking Blog Posts with your Readers in Mind

The only way you can make your articles unique and mind boggling is to make a difference in how you write; your writing is the most essential part of blogging. It propounds how good you are, it brings paid writing opportunities, it reputes your blog and a million more… I guess you must have heard the blogosphere’s number 1 adage; “Content is king”. This cannot be attained by the length of an article, instead it either spoil the whole thing or delay the way you update your blog as you only want to write lengthy posts.


If you are good at writing without errors, whether in spellings or in grammar, then, you’re one step to becoming a pro in writing breathtaking articles. A very good way to make your writing outstanding is by doing so with an attitude, the motive behind your article is more powerful than the grammar used. Probably, what you want to write about has already been covered. Should you spam the internet publishing another poor lengthy post as if you were dropping dung? Your attitude toward what you are writing across can make the topic interesting, even if it wasn’t interesting in the first place.

People naturally love good writing, that’s one reason why the word content is king is very popular, still in use, and is not going hackneyed, not now and not in the near future. But why yet is it that only a few bloggers adopt good writing skill? Sad. Having that in mind, let’s look into some ways to write good articles – by the attitude behind it, even with simple wordings throughout.

As I may not cover all part of this topic, I will make sure to cover the most essential part of it. So, how do you go about writing with an attitude? You may start by asking yourself a few questions; why do you want people to read your article knowing it is there online, how do you want them to feel during and after reading the article… Do you want them to read till the end of the article? Do you want them to accept the information contained therein after reading? Now, let’s dive in with these questions in mind.

Your Attitude of Writing

This is simple! Just as topics vary, that is how the attitude of those reading them also vary. Let’s take music readers as an example; music readers have a common attitude, they love using slangs – so when you’re writing to these group of persons, it is best you use slangs on the article even till the end of it, as that is the language they’re more comfortable with. There’s also a way they want to be talked to, of-course, everyone has a way they love to be talked to, but music lovers are fun-loving, they love having it hard, and not simple – else it becomes boring to them. They love it most, seeing some explicit words alongside, getting motivated as they read on, and so on and so forth… Knowing this, it is only best to wear out your normal attitude and write with a musician’s attitude.

On the other hand, when you’re writing to religious or moral class of people, it is only best to write using gentle, polite words… You should also prevent rude, hateful, or other forms of explicit words. If an article is excessively explicit or if it is aggressively influential they may click away, even before reading till the end of the article.

In essence: it is best to study the category of people you want to write for before starting out with your writing.

Article’s Intro

It is always best to make your intro brief and to the point, you may not pack more than 150 words in one paragraph. Make sure to split not only the introduction of the article, but all long paragraphs into two to three. As there is no one way to doing things, this may be a great way to keep your writings simple and easier to read.

Your intro should of-course be in line with what the article is about, and should outline the importance of the topic – that’s one of the real reasons for starting with an introduction. On your article’s introduction, you may talk briefly about recent related posts with links back to them. But make sure to avoid redundancy.

Give Reference

Whether or not you’re selling products, there’s need to gain the trust of your readers. If this is done and done well, a reader will regard your website as a reliable source of information. What do I mean by reference? For example you’re talking about a person, make sure to stress who that person is; John Parker the head of Economy Analysis at Stanford Universities says; China economy will overtake US economy in 2025.

Note: That was just an illustration and the reference up there is the words underlined.

The reference will then be the reason why the reader will believe the prediction. Without the reference there won’t be a solid ground for the fact. But with the reference, there won’t be any doubt about what was said, thus; your site won’t look unreliable and will on the other hand be well reputed overtime. After reading such article, a reader will take it to heart that he has red something genuine.

Make your Readers feel lively

Earlier, I remember saying something like; “How do you want your readers to feel while reading your article”? It has been discovered after several researches that people assimilate, absorb or understand teachings better when there’s humor alongside – implementing this skill to your writings is no less. So, to keep your readers going, you ought to prevent your article from looking like a constitution, it is only best that you add humor to wake your readers up from being boring or any form of seriousness. You may even use hilarious words, this also stirs up love. As in, those who read your articles will simply love the writer cos of the entertainment. In essence, the use of humorous or hilarious words keeps readers going. This may not be accepted in all articles, so it is best to use them in informal, interest based, or with friends…


I hope you got informed. I love writing with my readers in mind, cos it’s a good way to engage your readers, increase like, followers etc. But this is certainly not all it takes to write BREATHTAKING articles, so I implore you to kindly share your thoughts on the comment, let’s exaggerate this topic. #Cheers!

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