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6 Common Do’s And Don’ts For Blogs


Consider this a friendly reminder or a refresher course for your blog. There are a few common do’s and don’ts to reflect on before you blog your next entry.

Do use images: Photos, graphs, logos use them all. Always use an image of some sort for each blog entry. Having an image will add to your blog post, entertain and give your readers something to look at. You want to break up the word with an image pertaining to the post. You can use personal photos, online photos and images but be sure you credit when credit is due.

Don’t write too much: Keep it short and sweet. Nothing bores a reader faster than too many words. A decent blog post that keeps readers engaged should run anywhere from 300-600 words. Anything longer and just considers your next read a snooze fest.

Don’t forget the comments: Some bloggers forget to respond to readers’ comments and questions. Even if the comment is just to say, they enjoyed your words, say thank you! Think of your readers as customers and address all questions and suggestions quickly and positively.

Do break it up: Your blog entry should have bullet points, numbering, indents, spaces and paragraphs. Break up your words using these things to make it easier on the reader. If you need to, zoom out of your entry and see it from a distance and try to look at it as an outside reader, and then make the changes needed.

Do blog often: You may not have the time too blog often but try to at least blog 2-3 times a week. If you can blog daily, then do it! The more material you put out there the more your readers read. If you are not able to blog often then consider allowing guest writers to blog for you. This is a great way to add variety and fill those days you cannot blog.

Don’t be boring: If you think it is boring, chances are your readers will too. Stick to subjects you and the masses like. Don’t be afraid to add something funny and different to your blog. This is your chance to entertain and have fun, so keep it that way!

It’s your blog and you can do whatever you want but if you want to please your readers follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts. Have fun and happy blogging!

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6 Common Do’s And Don’ts For Blogs
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