How To Let Feedburner Automatically Tweet Your Latest Blog Posts

Most bloggers have Twitter accounts and most bloggers have learned that Twitter can drive traffic to your blog its not a new trick.Connecting your blog with the social networks you use is a great way to get traffic to your blog, Right now Twitter is the ‘Hot’ social network and traffic flowing from twitter is second to none.But before you run off to start Tweeting your latest posts look at the options.I previously covered using Twitterfeed to connect your blog with Twitter now you can allow Feedburner to connect your blog feed with Twitter.

The Google owned Feedburner has now added the ‘Socialize’ option.When you activate this option Feedburner will automatically Post your latest posts to your Twitter account.As soon as you publish a post on your blog it will be sent to your Twitter account.

Here you can see Google sent this post to my Twitter account.
Notice the URL is ‘goo.gl‘ and 3 minutes ago from ‘Google’.

If you don’t have a feedburner account it is advised to set one up for your blog it only takes a few minutes Click here for a previous post on the subject.

This has come about with the launch or pre-launch of Googles new URL shortner Goo.gl

Remember you can get all these tips sent directly to your email and stay a step ahead.Its quick easy and of course a free service provided by Google just fill in the form below the post.

How to set up the service to connect your Twitter and Blog

Go to your feedburner account and select the blog feed you want to allow feedburner to connect.

Click ‘Publicize’ in the top menu then ‘Socialize’ in the side menu Then ‘Add a Twitter account’ as shown in the image below :

Connect feedburner and twitter
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Now a pop up window will ask you to confirm the connection with twitter – allow the connection.

There are more options to edit how you tweet will be posted once your happy click save and your connected.

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How To Let Feedburner Automatically Tweet Your Latest Blog Posts
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