Google To Rename Blogger Google Blogs Picasa Also To Become Google Photos ?

Social Media Blog Mashable today broke the story that Google are planning to Re-Brand Blogger over the next few weeks.According to Mashable Blogger is to be re-named Google Blogs.Google will also Re-Name their image hosting site Picasa, it will become Google Photos(All images upload to Blogger are hosted on Picasa).This has not been confirmed by Google but the source would need to be reliable for Mashable to publish the story, they said

The transition from Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs will occur “in a month to a month and a half,” we’ve been told. The date aligns with the likely public launch of Google+.

What Will This Mean For Blogger Users

Google has yet to make any statement on the changes so as of yet we cant tell if it’s a straight name change or more.Another rumored change they could make would be to change the sub domain, a change like this could only be made to new blogs they couldn’t change the domains of existing blogs.I don’t think they will change the blogspot domain so i wouldn’t worry about it.Personally i don’t think it will be a big deal (I Might have to edit a lot of posts replacing Blogger with Google Blogs :/).

The brand unification effort will be the largest in company history — it’s never renamed a property as large as Blogger. The popular blog creation service has been receiving a lot of extra love recently. In March, Google announced that Blogger would receive a major overhaul. We doubt many people expected that the overhaul would include a re branding, though.

Whats your opinion on the proposed change ?

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Google To Rename Blogger Google Blogs Picasa Also To Become Google Photos ?
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