Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Best Cloud Hosting Providers to Consider in 2024

Cloud hosting is the kind of hosting that utilizes multiple servers rather than one server only, unlike VPS, dedicated servers, or shared hosting. Using advanced technology, your app or website is deployed to many servers, both physical and virtual. Hence, when a single serve is down, a project does not go down. You can access the information from another server easily. So, virtually, there is no downtime and you get increased security, multiple resources, and cost-saving for the long term.

Cloud hosting plans have become a leader in the website hosting industry. Cloud hosting offers increased resilience and reliability while you pay only for a fixed amount of CPU time, bandwidth, RAM, and web space – as with any normal hosting package – all the resources you get are spread across various devices rather than a single one. In addition, cloud hosting makes it simpler to upgrade resources as and when required, as it needs a few clicks only from the cloud hosting provider, instead of shutting down a server for new hardware installation.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best cloud hosting platforms in 2024. So, whether you are an established enterprise or a startup, the list will help make a well-informed decision.

Best 6 Cloud Hosting Providers

We will now look at some of the standout features and functionalities of the best, industry-leading cloud hosting provider. By evaluating their key features and strengths, you can select the top cloud hosting provider for your website or app.

Cloud Hosting ProviderRAMCPU CoresDisk Space  Setup Time
HostGator2 to 8 GB2 to 4120 to 240 GB SSD7 minutes
Hostinger3 to 12 GB2 to 650 GB to 400 GB NVMe6 minutes
BlueHost2 to 8 GB2 to 430 GB to 120 GB SSD6 minutes
Cloudways1 GB to 384 GB1 to 9620 GB to 4 TB SSD8 minutes
ScalaHosting4 to 32 GB2 to 1650 to 240 GB SSD6 minutes
DreamHost4 to 24 GB2 to 1250 to 200 GB NVMe6 minutes


HostGator provides a top-class cloud hosting platform that outperforms shared hosting, still, it is simple to use and costs a little bit more. For people who are prepared to go beyond shared hosting, it offers a full-featured step into cloud hosting. With high-powered, scalable resources, clients can monitor catching and resources easily from a highly intuitive dashboard. HostGator cloud offers higher levels of dedicated hardware resources along with guaranteed scalability to sites.

The price of HostGator starts at $4.95/month over 3 years for the Cloud Hatchling plan. There is a lot offered by HostGator in this plan, including support for one site, with 2GB RAM, with 2 cores, a free domain, unlimited email accounts, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth and storage, and a lot more. Upgradation can get you many more resources. With the top-tier plan of $9.95/month, you can also get a Positive SSL account and a dedicated IP.

HostGator is an affordable cloud hosting provider. It is used mostly for smaller projects and websites. It has decent resources, is simple to use, and its performance is good. For simple site management, HostGator utilizes the cPanel. Whether you are an advanced user or a beginner, you will not have any problem navigating the panel.

Key Features

  • Lots of storage with cloud scalability
  • 4x computing resources and 2x as fast
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and domains
  • Multiple caching layers and low-density servers
  • Upgrades available for backups, security, domain privacy, and productivity

Reasons To Buy

  • A solid variety of plans
  • Simple to use
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Priced temptingly with initial discounts

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some downtime at times
  • No free backup


Hostinger is another cloud hosting provider with solid innovations in the space of data center management. Its platform is based on CloudLinux having LVE containers. It offers something for everybody. From 2 cloud hosting service plans that use the global data center presence of the company to premium services powered by the Cloud Platform of Google, you are sure to get what you need.

For account administration, Hostinger has its proprietary control panel and offers scalable hardware allocation on 3 tiers of prices for a completely managed service. It Cloud Startup plan starts at $8.99 for a 24 months contract. It is the best available deal for independent mobile app developers and websites. Hostinger plan price is cheap for its provided configuration. Both cloud hosting plans of Hostinger support 300 sites with free SSL certificates for all domains. You also get free monthly CDN integrations and free domain name registrations on this platform. The fully managed Hostinger cloud platform includes multiple data centers, a dedicated IP address free migration, and WordPress acceleration.

Managing a cloud hosting environment becomes simple with the user-friendly hPanel of Hostinger. Whether you are installing applications, setting up a free domain, or managing email accounts, the intuitive interface of hPanel lets you efficiently handle your cloud hosting without advanced technical knowledge. In addition, it offers remarkable live chat and round-the-clock customer support. Their knowledgeable team is ready to help you with all technical questions or issues you may have.

Key Features

  • Built on CloudLinux
  • Integrated CloudFlare and Isolated resources
  • User-friendly hosting
  • Integrated caching and automated daily backups
  • Immediate setup with a custom, intuitive control panel

Reasons To Buy

  • Daily backups
  • 300 Websites
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL
  • Disk Storage starting from 200 GB

Reasons To Avoid

  • Does not have the power to demand sites
  • No phone support


Based on its outstanding cloud web hosting services, BlueHost has made its way to our best cloud hosting providers list. BlueHost is a one-stop, user-friendly shop for all your hosting requirements. It offers everything in a single place conveniently, including domains, hosting, website builder, storage, and email. BlueHost also offers a Weebly-based site builder. It is a fundamental browser-based affair that allows you to make a site of nearly six pages. No extras, such as website templates are included in this.

BlueHost offers a basic shared hosting plan for $2.75/month for a 3-year contract with managed WP plans that start at $9.95/month. It does not have a monthly billing option. So, you need to commit to BlueHost for a longer time. It can be problematic for people who don’t want to use their service after a month.

The managed VPS platform of BlueHost is a simple option for businesses that are on shared hosting and require an upgrade to get better performance. You can take benefit of BlueHost’s WordPress experience and work on optimized platforms with large configuration needs of an unmanaged VPS plan.

Key Features

  • Handle and Scale resources quickly
  • Immediate provisioning and assured resources
  • Best hardware powered by KVM and OpenStack
  • Domain privacy and dedicated IP available
  • Options for 2 to 4 CPU cores

Reasons To Buy

  • Many business-friendly extras
  • 24/7 available US-based support
  • Free Domain
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Unmetered bandwidth

Reasons to Avoid

  • No ticket support
  • The monthly billing option isn’t available


At first glance, cloud hosting solutions are divided into two groups: User-friendly and simple solutions from hosts like HostGator and enterprise-level technologies from IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and more.

CloudWays represents a highly interesting middle path. The innovatively managed cloud platform of CloudWays operates in partnership with some of the major public service plans. CloudWays offers clients the cloud platform of their choice: Google, AWS, Vultr, Digital Ocean, or Linode. It comes packed with many features and is configured from a simple web console that is simple to utilize.

It is an impressive cloud hosting platform and an intelligent choice for technical users who wish to create a demanding website. For example, ThunderStack of CloudWays is a technology powerhouse that covers all your basic performance needs: Apache, Nginx, Varnish Cache, MySQL/MariaDB, Redis, PHP7, and PHP-FM. There is an option for 1-click backup, restore, and cloning. Despite the high-end functionalities, the prices of CloudWays start at $11/month for a single core, 25GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, and 1GB RAM.

Key Features

  • Host unlimited apps without contract lock-in
  • 3-day free trial without requirement for credit card
  • Auto-healing cloud server with free backup
  • Select from five popular cloud providers
  • 24/7 monitoring for managed cloud hosting

Reasons To Buy

  • Free trial
  • Highly configurable
  • User-friendly and powerful
  • Quick server response time

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not beginner friendly
  • No email

Scala Hosting

If infrastructure and budget are competing factors for your project, you can consider ScalaHosting. With ScalaHosting, you can host a site on AWS hardware at competitive prices. It is best for users looking for a highly flexible hosting provider backed by a money-back guarantee. ScalaHosting offers many different hosting services, like shared, WordPress, and cloud, but its main offering is a cloud VPS hosting plan.

All ScalaHosting plans come with features including a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, rolling backups, and a free domain. If you choose VPS, it offers highly customizable plans, letting users configure what they need. It offers an anytime, unconditional money-back guarantee as it is very confident that your website will run more securely and faster than ever. If you want to deactivate your ScalaHosting service at any time, you can get a refund for unused and prepaid hosting fees.  ScalaHosting also offers its retail clients the ability to handle server and domain settings through SPanel, its proprietary control panel.If you wish to manage things yourself, its VPS cloud hosting begins at $20/month, whereas the managed services are available at $29.95/month. No matter which plan you choose, it will get you 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, free snapshots, and 50 GB NVMe SSDs.

Key Features

  • Customized full-service SPanel administration panel
  • Enjoy 100% unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage
  • Free site migration with experts’ help
  • Fully managed VPS service with cloud performance
  • Daily disaster recovery backup

Reasons To Buy

  • Helpful live chat and ticket support
  • Highly configurable
  • Very powerful

Reasons To Avoid

  • No phone support


DreamHost is among the only services to offer  DreamObjects (cloud object storage) and DreamCompute (cloud computing). Users get complete root access, all codes are open source, and users can scale an app horizontally and vertically. The server can easily be utilized on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, BSD, and Linux.

DreamHost is a perfect option for beginners who require a high-quality, budget-friendly cloud hosting service. DreamHost cloud hosting plans are appropriate for small businesses and bloggers. Its scalable hosting offers the needed resources to accommodate your website’s growth. Plans for DreamHost start from $4.50 only. Even the costliest plan comes under $100.

Cloud server hosting by DreamHost offers scalable and customizable architecture along with open-source code. Based on your chosen plan, you will get various features like free email hosting, unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, daily backups, SSL certificate, and SSL certificate. DreamHost is an easy-to-use and highly flexible cloud hosting provider.

Key Features

  • Servers engineered around Ceph and OpenStack
  • Launch cloud servers within 30 seconds
  • Options for object storage and cloud computing
  • Support for Redis, Ruby, Node.js, & MongoDB
  • Redundant object storage and S3-compatible

Reasons To Buy

  • Storage or computing options
  • Entry for cloud service
  • Powerful hardware
  • Open-source platform

Reasons To Avoid

  • Many plans lack configuration options or features
  • Additional cost for emails with its started plan

Wrap Up

Selecting the best cloud hosting service provider is vital for website success and performance. All the platforms listed above are top-notch cloud hosting providers, offering scalability, security, and comprehensive features at an affordable cost.

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, consider your particular needs, compare different providers, and prioritize various factors like performance, scalability, value for money, and support. A well-selected host can offer a strong foundation for your presence online and support the success and growth of your website.


Can I Scale Up Or Scale Down The Cloud Hosting Resources If Needed?

Yes, you can. Cloud hosting enables flawless resource scaling, letting you adjust RAM, CPU, and storage depending on the requirements of your website.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Hosting?

There are many advantages of cloud hosting, like reliability, scalability, and flexibility, which lets you adjust resources easily as required.

When Do I Need To Upgrade To Cloud Hosting?

Upgrade to cloud hosting when your app or website runs reliably, irrespective of where or when it’s being accessed. If looking for scalability, better security, and fast performance, it is the best time to switch.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers to Consider in 2024
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