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8 Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Guest Posting

Guest Posting undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the context of search engine optimization. The concept of this strategy is quite simple but it yields great results! It is one of the best and most reliable ‘white hat’ SEO techniques that add to the online reputation of your website. In this article we will provide some handy do’s and don’ts of this strategy that will help amateur SEO professionals to get things right.

The Do’s of Guest Posting

Tip #1

Crisp Writing Style

The first thing that you should bear in mind while constructing a blog is its format and the style. I personally believe that blogs that are written in an interactive style attract more views. Break things into short paragraphs and make sure that you maintain an even tempo all through the piece. Do not use far-fetched allusions in your article. Keep it simple and ask close ended questions to your readers. That will engage their attention for a longer time.

Tips #2

Take Rejection in Your Stride

If your article gets rejected then do not worry. Often many articles written by experienced writers do get rejected. Instead of arguing, you can ask for the change that the blog owner is looking for. Moreover you can always have the option of resending the rejected article to other blog owners and get it posted there.

Tip #3

Stay in Touch

Blog owners do get tweeted or poked all through the day by several other article writers, hence it is quite possible that they might overlook or forget replying to your queries. So if you do not get a response from them after 4-5 working days then you can send them a polite reminder.

Tip #4

Make a Point wise Discussion

Especially if you are discussing technology, make sure that you break it into points. That will help in making your article more clear and brief. No one wants to read on and on. Besides this you can also help your readers to concentrate on the core issues with that.

The Don’ts of Guest Posting

Tip #1

Avoid statistics

It is better not to use statistics in your article as the numbers might change shortly and that will eventually make your blog irrelevant. However, you need to be discreet enough to make sure that the article does not seem generalized.

Tip # 2

Don’t miss on deadlines

When it comes to online marketing, deadline maters the most and you cannot afford to procrastinate that. So make sure that you submit your articles on time. By maintaining a strict deadline you will be able to boost your trustworthiness.

Tip #3

Do not Pester the Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers usually have a tight schedule and hoards of tasks in hand. Pestering then won’t do any good to your business. Moreover if they have a good page rank you cannot afford to bitter your relationship with them.

These are some of the important things that one needs to keep in mind in order make successful guest blogging.

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8 Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Guest Posting
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