40 New Awesome Fonts In Bogger Template Designer


What better way to Spice Up Your Blog than using some cool custom fonts.From today using a selection of stylish fonts on your blogs Titles, Posts and other sections has become much easier.Recently Google launched The Google Fonts Directory and now Blogger have imported all the great fonts into the Template Designer.For now this great Blogger Update is only available via Blogger In Draft and usually it takes a week or two to progress to the main Blogger site.

Update – This feature has been added to the main Blogger site with 35 new fonts.Get the details here – Over 70 Fonts For Blogger.

The fonts available include hand writing and logo styles so they can give your blog a more professional look.In fact for the last 6 months i have been using the Lobster font for the blog title and philosopher font for post titles on Spice Up Your Blog, both are now available via the template designer.I also quickly added a few of the new fonts to This Test Blog if you want to check it out.

How To Use New Custom Fonts On Blogger

1. First you need to log in to your bloger dashboard via Blogger In Draft : Blogger In Draft

2. In your Dashboard click the Template designer link in the top menu.

3. Choose the ‘Advanced’ option when in the template designer.

4. You can now see a new selection of fonts for your blogs Page Text, Post Title, Blog Title and Gadget Titles.

Web Fonts

Note – Some of the custom Blogger templates will have added the fonts directly to the template and you may not be able to change them via template designer.You can however add them manually from the Google font directory.Make sure to check out more of our Blogger Design Tips.

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40 New Awesome Fonts In Bogger Template Designer
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