Lightbox Image Overlay Effect Is Now Default On Blogger Blogs


Back in May this year i showed you how to add a jQuery Lightbox Image Overlay Effect For images on your blog.Today the Blogger team have made a version of this default on all blogs.Previously Images when clicked opened as a seperate page, with the lightbox effect images pop up with the background darkened also thumbnails of other images within the post are listed below.So just upload images as normal and they can be viewed in a brand new way.

Introducing Lightbox, the latest in a series of Blogger updates aimed at giving you an improved and modernized blogging experience. Lightbox is a whole new way to interact with photos. When clicked, images now expand into a shiny new overlay that displays them at their full size for optimal viewing.

Click the images below to see the effect in action.

Another great new feature for Blogger, check out the Blogger post on lightbox Here.

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  1. This hideous update has broken thousands of blogs. Blog articles are rarely just photo albums, they are journals, stories, step-by-step instructions and more. Forcing all all blog images to load as an album makes no sense for such blogs. It's also cumbersome, ugly, unrequested and unannounced. Some images won't load at all while others load smaller that desired.

  2. Interestingly, when I click on your images, they load the old way - the way they worked on my own blog before Blogger broke it with Lightbox. So, Lightbox isn't working for you at all. Hilarious.

  3. is there a way you can opt means that scores of my images are not now able to load, and i am not able to upload againg 3 years worth of images

  4. I was wonder what the new display on my blog was all about. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Yeah its similiar to google+ image viewer

  6. @ Andy - You should go to the Blogger Buzz post on this or the help forum and leave your comment there.Also it is working on the images in this post as an example but on all other posts i remove the hyperlink in the image code so it wont work.

    @ Paper dragon - I have not looked into it yet but i presume i could find a way to opt out, i will have a look.

  7. Yes, please let us know if you find an 'opt out' selection to this. Thanks for all your hard work! :)

  8. This is bad for me ,all my Posts for implementing various different Lightbox's into Blogger Platform have now become Waste. Google technically crushed my Blog's Meaning itself. There should be a option for disabling this Default Lightbox

  9. I love the lightbox. Now it is gone. How do I get it back?

  10. Hello! Can I ask you the opposite way? I have turned on my lightbox but it doesn't seem to work. I wish for it to work for my blog. and I hope you can email me for the help! I really like the lightbox and I had it before and suddenly it disappears. I wish you can help me how to revive it back.



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