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Use Your Own Background Image With Blogger Template Designer

The Blogger Templates Designer has totally changed the way we choose our templates as i outlined in the post titled ‘Millions Of Blogger Templates‘ last march.Upon the release of the template designer one of the things missing and promised as a future addition was the ability to use your own images.The template designer did offer lots of random images but more Bloggers like to personalise their blog with their own images.The wait to use your own images is over as this week The Blogger Team added the option.Uploading your picture to your blog background is quick and easy.

How To Use Custom Images
The option to upload your image can be found by clicking the Template Designer link in your blogger dashboard.Below i have a link to the Blogger In Draft Blog with all the details.

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Blogger In Draft

To see the steps involved and all the additional options you can head over to the official Blogger post on the subject here : Use Your Own Photo for Your Blog’s Background.

Great new Blogger Template feature have you been waiting to use your own images ?

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Use Your Own Background Image With Blogger Template Designer
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