The New ShareThis Bookmarking Buttons With Share Count For Blogger

Share This Bookmark ButtonsShare This is a very popular service offering multiple Social Bookmarking Widgets for blogs and websites.The green Share This icon is a familiar sight on many of the top blogs opening up a wide range of options for readers to Bookmark and share the content.In this post i have a Blogger Tip show you how to add the new Share This ‘Oath’ Counter Buttons to various positions on your blog.You can see the buttons in question to the top of this paragraph and that position will be one of the options for your blog.

To generate the buttons you will need to go to the Share This website and use their very easy generator process.In the video below we will go through the steps from generating the buttons to adding them to your blog.Lets look at the demo on the test blog from the video.

View Demo Button

Add The New Share This Counter Buttons To Your Blog


Video Tutorial



Summery And Codes

Go To Share This and generate your buttons as shown in the video tutorial – Share This

Add The Share This Script

When you have chosen your buttons you will be presented with two snippets of code.The top snippet is for the actual buttons and we will need that later now we will add the second snippet of code to your template.This code only needs to be added once and will allow all the buttons to work.

Step 1. In your Blogger dashboard click Design > Edit Html

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code – More Info)


Step 3. Copy and paste the second snippet of code from Share This directly above </head> then save your template.

That’s the script added, how easy was that.

Add The Counter Buttons Buttons To Your Blog

So i will show you how to add the buttons to various positions on your blog.Namely horizontally above your posts (Below the post title), Vertically At the top of your posts wrapped in text and horizontally below your posts.You can also add them to a Html/Javascript gadget in your sidebar.

For all positions you need to go your your blogs html, that’s Design > Edit Html > and tick the Expand widget templates box.

Horizontally Above Posts

Find This Code and paste the button code directly below it, save and that’s it !

<div class=’post-header-line-1’/>


Horizontally Below Posts

Find this code and paste the code below it, save and once again that’s it !

<div class=’post-footer’>


Wrapped In Text At The Top Left Or Right Of Posts

For this there is a little extra work, we need to set the buttons to sit on the left or right and we need them to be vertical.To do this i have added code to put them on the left, you will also need to add the line break tag between each button.

To add the line break you add <br/> between the code for each button.So in your button code after every instance of </span> you add <br/> to look like the example below :

<span class=’st_twitter_hcount’ displayText=’Tweet’></span><br/><span class=’st_facebook_hcount’ displayText=’Facebook’></span><br/><span class=’st_friendfeed_hcount’ displayText=’FriendFeed’></span><br/><span class=’st_blogger_hcount’ displayText=’Blogger’></span><br/><span class=’st_sharethis_hcount’ displayText=’ShareThis’></span><br/>

First we find the position in your template for your buttons, once again we are clicking Design > Edit Html > And Tick The Expand Widget Templates Box.

Find the following code in your blogs Html :


Next we add the following code directly Above <data:post.body/>

<div style=”float: left; margin-right:5px;”>

! Button Code Here !


-Replace ! Button Code Here ! with the code for your buttons.
-To have the buttons on the right change left and right to right and left.

And that’s it for this Blogger Tip, be sure to check out more of our Social Bookmarking Gadgets.


  1. I did wait for this widget. I wanted to have the horizontal version on my blog. But, don’t you think it adds a too much weight on our blog? The facebook script alone occupies around 85-95Kb and if we add the share this script, it would take more time to load. So, what do we do about that?


  2. Hi Paul can you make a tutorial on how to install buysellads ad units on your blogger blog. I have searched the entire net, then at last I have to come to you. Please help!!


  3. @ Dlddy – Have you been accepted into the BuySellAds programme and just want to add the scripts ?


  4. @ Mukund – You are seriously into page speed ! I totally re-designed this blog to increase page speed (Seen you re-designed recently also great job) but some widgets are going to slow it down.We have a choice, i removed the facebook fan box recently as it is very slow but then my FB page got almost no new likes so i had to add it again.The question is “Is a gadget useful enough to sacrifice some page speed?”.The share this buttons have got more clicks than any other bookmark buttons i have used so in this case i think it is.


  5. hey paul i added the code but it is also showing in the home screen but i don’t want to show it in homescreen


  6. @Paul Crowe: Yes! Exactly! I faced the same problem with the fan box and other similar stuffs that you said. Well, your right. Your research work on this widget guarantees more clicks than the other social bookmarking stuffs. So, I will give it a try on my blog too!!


  7. I just wanna know how do you add the combo bottons just like “If You Enjoyed This Post Please Take 5 Seconds To Share It.” above..


  8. @ Anonymous – Check out this post for how to have the share buttons on your posrs only – Gadgets On Posts Only


  9. I’ve install this share buttons on my blog but I came across a problem.
    When I try to view my blog in Mozilla and Opera it doesn’t work, just loading forever. The problem is the / script. if I remove the script it’s working fine (but no share buttons on the blog).
    In IE and Chrome works just fine. it display the blog with the share buttons.

    Any idea about a fix for Mozilla and Opera? Thanks


  10. @ Marcus – I use Firefox all the time and they work fine.Could be something else in your template effecting them.You can try the buttons form they might suit you better.


  11. For some reason when I add this using either method – classic or the other oauth or whatever it’s called it intereres with my carousel/slider. Any fix you know of? Thanks, Paul!


  12. Thank you SO much for such useful How-to!! I’ve no idea whatsoever about HTML but following your clear steps everything went smooth and easy :º)
    Just wandering- would there be a way to add a title before the row of sharing buttons? …anywhere where I could look for that? Thanks again!





  13. Explain what you mean by a title before the buttons ?



  15. Thanks for this one and it’s working perfectly. The only problem is when i click the sharethis button on any post on the homepage, it’s not the post that is sharing instead the homepage itself. So i am thinking if im going to add a conditional tags for it to show only on postpages. Any solutions for this?


  16. Thanks for you valuable post this helped me to place share button on my blog


  17. Thank you for the great post!
    I went all steps for implementing buttons on top of post but they do not appear at all. Can you help me?


  18. Atul Kumar PandeyJune 7, 2013 at 7:04 AM

    Hello brother,
    I love your post and like to use them but can you please tell me that we can modify them for a WordPress version or not. I want to use it on my blog.





  19. There is a Share This Plugin for WordPress blogs.



  21. This is wonderful – than you so much! You always have the best tutorials and great ideas!!


  22. Loved this feature, but something has changed in how I am able to access my people…no longer can you just click the white envelope. Now you must choose how to connect. I tried FaceBook and it DOES NOT CONNECT. I tried GMail and I don’t like the format. I tried creating an account and it doesn’t like my email address or my password! WHAT HAPPENED to one of my favorite features???


  23. Sir, I will try my best to insert this widget but i can not insert the code in my blog, How can iinsert the code below posts?


  24. really helpful post………..thanks