Fixed Merry Christmas Corner Banner For Blogger


We are nicely into December now and it's time for another gadget to add some Christmas Cheer to your blog.In this post i have a stylish Merry Christmas Banner you can fix in the top right corner of your blog to greet your readers.The banner is transparent so it wont block your content and as the reader scrolls the banner followers them.A great simple way to wish your readers a Happy Christmas lets look at the demo and then add it to your blog.

Live Demo - Click to see the demo (Scroll The Page): Fixed Christmas Banner Demo

The tutorial is simple and as you just add the code to a gadget you can easily remove it after Christmas.

Add Christmas Banner To Your Blog

Step 1. In your Blogger dashboard click > Design > Add A Gadget > Choose 'Html/Javascript' :

Step 2. Copy and paste the following code into the Html/Javascript gadget :

<div style='position: fixed; top: 0%; right: 0%;'/>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Blog Tips" src=""/></a>

Step 3. Save the gadget and you gadget is in place, Easy.

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  1. This is amazing i love it thanks so much !

  2. Very Nice

    I put it in my blog


  3. hi there can you do the same but for " ramdan "
    please you know its soon
    and i really do need one like this

  4. @ Red1991 - If you could create or find a Ramdan banner you can then just use it to replace the Christmas image and add it to your blog in the same way.

  5. Thanks so much. Used this and the falling snowflake on my blog

  6. hey what if i wanted to use another image instead of this? do i have to make my own? please help me out. And how do u make boxes around post or sharing or subscribe etc??

  7. Any way to change the wording to "happy holidays"? I changed it in the code but it didn't work...


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