What The New Google+ Tab Means To Blogger Users


Google are really playing for keeps with their latest venture into social networking; Google+.From using it to break news for their various products, making it an integral part of their search results, +1 on AdSense units and a real push to integrate it into blogs hosted on Blogger.

After adding the option to use you Google+ profile as your Blogger profile and providing Google+ gadgets for Blogger they have now added a tab to the Blogger dashboard dedicated to Google+.

To be honest the Google+ tab on blogger looks pretty bare at the moment so what options does it provide ?

Connect Google+ And Blogger Blogs With New Google+ Tab


1) First up if you have not already created a profile on Google+ a click of the ‘Upgrade To Google+’ button will get you started.You can quickly create your Google+ profile which will be (if you choose) automatically connected to your blog.In fact within a minute or so you will have a new Google+ profile and it will be your default Blogger profile.

2) With this done I would advice creating a Google+ page for your blog.The Google+ page is very similar to Facebook pages and allows users to follow your blog rather than follow your personal profile.Again this can be done by clicking the ‘Create My Page’ Button.


3) With your page created the next step is to set up the auto post feature.This will allow you to automatically post your latest blog posts to Google+.Now while it says ‘automatically’ in fact how it works is; once you publish a post a pop up appears and you just have to confirm.

4) The auto share option is available for you to auto share on your personal profile or any pages you have created.So if you have created a Google+ page for your blog make sure you have the set up to auto share to the right page for the right blog.You can see in the image below I have the option to auto share posts from SUYB on my personal profile or on the Spice Up Your Blog Google+ page.


And that at the moment is the features of the Google+ tab on Blogger.I’m sure they will add more over time.

Just a quick side note on Blogger – I know a lot of people including me have been having trouble with those dreaded BX errors when saving changes to their template.I have noticed over the last few days this has been resolved and indeed if code mistakes have been made the way they are displayed has been improved.

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Author – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.

What The New Google+ Tab Means To Blogger Users
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