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What Are Bloggr BX Errors And How To Report Them

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Ah the Blogger BX Error is there anything more frustrating ? You get a fancy new gadget for your blog, drag it into place, click save and in the blink of an eye your on a page telling you there has been a BX error.The Blogger help forum gets lots of treads started daily from very annoyed Bloggers asking how to fix a BX error.So what exactly is a BX error ?

In short a BX error is a problem on Bloggers side so it’s not something you have done wrong.Most errors that occur within your Blogger account have a pre determined fix built in, this kicks in and the error is fixed without you even knowing anything happened.But some more obscure errors don’t have a smooth fix and the request be it saving a gadget, publishing a post etc.. can not be completed.This is when you encounter the BX error.The reason for ‘BX’ is to help Blogger categorize the error, a way to track a specific Bug.Usually an error will occur on just one or two blogs but sometimes there is an error that effects a large number of blogs.This will one again be down to Blogger or a bug in a service blogger use.Of course if you are experiencing a BX error knowing why it is happening is not much good is it !

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How To Fix BX Errors (Or Try To Fix Them)

So how do you fix a BX error, the short answer is you don’t.I have seen other blog posts telling people to clear the cache on their computer, use a different browser etc..and while you can try this it simply wont work.Frustrating as it is you have to be patient and the two real options available to your are as follows :

1. Report the error directly to Blogger – Blogger have a document available for you to submit the error you can find it here.

Report Blogger BX Errors

2. Look For Help In The Forum – The Blogger help forum is a great community of fellow bloggers lending a helping hand.You can look for others with the same problem or start a new tread looking for help.If the problem is common there is a better chance of Blogger looking into it and hopefully fixing it quicker.

Blogger Help Forum

I’m afraid there is errors in every system and there is no quick fix but do keep trying to complete your request as it often sorts it self out in a short space of time.Make sure to Check out more of our Blogger Help Posts.

Whats your experience of Blogger BX errors ?

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What Are Bloggr BX Errors And How To Report Them
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