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The Blogging Game: When Blogging Resembles Hunting

Blogging has been compared to so many everyday activity’s but did you know blogging in many ways is like hunting ? Of course you didn’t know that but that’s exactly what you are about to find out starting with The Hunt.


The Hunt

Getting Internet users to visit your blog is like sitting at the edge of a clearing in the woods, waiting for the arrival of your target.He comes eventually, stepping on the twigs, shifting, bowing his head for a drink on a little pool of water.

When you finally have a clear view on the target, you quietly and patiently aim your gun, lowering it in an angle, not breathing, careful not to produce even the littlest sound that might startle the creature.

And bam! You missed the deer just near the ear.

Off he runs out of the clearing and beyond the thick woods. He leaves behind not even a cloud of dust, gone as if he had never been in the clearing at the first place.You just stand there, your chest hurting from the recoil.

You are the huntsman, the web developer. The clearing is your site. The gun, your web host provider. The bullet your SEO schemes.The deer, the Internet user.

What happened? How did the deer escape ?

The Bullet

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools in the Internet today. As a metaphor, search engine optimizer is like a pistol cartridge, particularly a .44 Magnum, high-powered and especially designed for hunting.

For now, let us blame the cartridge for missing the deer’s ear. It is not precise. It is faulty. The manufacturer has not been meticulous with the job. It was not designed for catching wild animals.

But it was good. Your SEO is impeccable. Or was it the fault of the gun?

The Gun

The gun here is like web host. The SEO is flawless, but the gun is not. It is rusty, it jambs, it needs oil and maintenance every now and then. It does not deliver well what it had promised.

Some web host providers were designed from the past generations.Some of them may be not compatible anymore with doing the jobs of today. What you need is to upgrade your gun, or get a new one.

The Clearing

The clearing is like your website, the part in the forest where you chose to camp. At the edge, you set up your tent, you build your fire, and you hide behind a rock. You prepare everything for that one-time catch.

But is it really the best spot in the forest? The trees surrounding the clearing are too thick. There are many distractions.Nothing gets in that easily. And if something gets in, it manages to get out fast.

You do not need to change spot. It is a good spot. What you need is baits to lure the creatures and traps to keep them in.

The Huntsman

Or maybe it is the problem of the huntsman. You.

Did you breathe out when you fire the shot? Did your angle change? Did something get in your eyes? Were you nervous?

What we need right now in the search engine optimizers are web developers with more guts and brains. Seeing that there were nodefect in your tools and equipment, and your clearing the most pristine spot in the Internet, you as a huntsman should have alternative strategies when the initial plan falls through.

Invest more in ammunitions, pick your best host, and clean up your sites for obstruction. Nevertheless, remember, however perfect your tools are, if the one who wields them are incapable, these tools are mere child’s playthings.

Buckle up for the kill and be the better hunter that you were once.

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The Blogging Game: When Blogging Resembles Hunting
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