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Stuck on a Blog Topic ? Use These Exercises to Get the Ideas Flowing

Writing can be a fabulous avocation, but all writers at times face the inevitable writer’s block. It can be extremely frustrating to feel as though you are fresh out of ideas, especially as a blog writer who is under pressure on a daily basis to write original content.

Here we provide some ideas in for how to get those ideas flowing when you simply feel fresh out.

Word association –  If you have a particular topic about which you need to write, run an exercise on paper or on a whiteboard and jot down all the words you can think of that you associate with that topic. Often one simple word can spark an idea or series of ideas that you might not have considered.

Talk to an intelligent friend about the topic and incite ideas –  Friends who are not writers often love to brainstorm ideas for you and will be flattered if you ask them to riff on a subject with you. Sometimes simply having a conversation about a topic with someone else can bring up a perspective you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Two minds are always better than one.

Look at a thesaurus – Looking at a thesaurus can be useful in coming up with ideas. Pick a word that is representative of the idea about which you are going to write and look it up in the thesaurus. This is similar to word association, only it enacts the process for you.

Google the topic you are interested in writing about –  Inevitably articles will appear that will inspire you when you Google the subject you are attempting to generate ideas about. Don’t just look at the first page of results, as sometimes good and juicy nuggets can appear a few pages in.

Think about experiences you have had that relate to the topic you are writing about – Are you writing about how to manage your online reputation, for example? Think about experiences you have had in which that was important, for example, when you applied for your last job and knew your employer was going to conduct an internet search about you.

Or the last time you went on a date and considered the chances that the date might Google you. That one thought can lead to another when you relax your mind and just think about personal experiences with the subject you are looking to write about.

Relax – Get a cup of tea or go for a walk to clear your mind. Sometimes the best thoughts come when you simply get up and get away from that computer screen. Just don’t forget to bring your notebook to write down ideas that arise when you are away!

Cup Of Tea

In general, when experiencing blockage as a writer, don’t get upset. It happens to every great writer at times.

Try to step away from the screen for a moment, take a deep breath, and consider how you can personally relate to the topic about which you are attempting to write. This often helps us to connect with it and better, and gets the juices flowing. Wordplay and other similar exercises can also help, as can simply having a conversation and brainstorming session with someone else about the subject. Having a fresh take from another person can often be quite useful.

Just don’t fret–we all get our mojo back eventually!

By Guest Author – Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from online reputation management to digital marketing strategy.

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Stuck on a Blog Topic ? Use These Exercises to Get the Ideas Flowing
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