Is Tynt The Answer To Stop Your Blog Content Being Copied ?

Blog content is constantly being copied by unscrupulous amateurs looking for an easy fix to their stupidity.While almost all blogs built on copied content never get off the ground it is frustrating seeing your hard work blatantly copied.In this post we will look at a website with a unique answer to plagiarism.Tynt offer a script you can add to your blogs template that will add a link to your content when copied and pasted elsewhere.

As well as a link back to the original content you can add a Creative Commons link.Creative Commons is a licence service that you can use to indicate what parts of your blog if any can be copied and in what circumstances it can be copied and used elsewhere.You can add a CC licence as well as the link and i would recommend doing so.While someone can remove the link Tynt add to the content the CC link may stop them from using the content in the first place.

So lets see how you can add the Tynt script to your blog.

Add Tynt Script To The Main Blog Platforms

Step 1. Follow this link to Tynt.Com.

Step 2. Sign up for your free account.

Step 3. Follow the steps to generate the script for your blog.

Step 4. Tynt have a great tutorial page for adding the code to all the main blog platforms.You can find the instructions for Blogger, WordPress, Ning, Typepad and Tumblr Here – Blog Install Instructions.

The title of this post asks is Tynt the answer, i don’t think there is an answer.Remember if you use any content from a blog it is imperative you add a link back to the original.Most bloggers actually don’t mind you referencing their blogs or posts as long as you link back.If you think your content is being copied the first step is to contact the Blogger if possible in a polite manner as their could be a valid excuse.If you have no luck with that post a question in the Blogger Help Forum for some advice.If the issue is with a WordPress blog you can use the WordPress Complaints Form, for other blog platforms follow the relevant help link.

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Is Tynt The Answer To Stop Your Blog Content Being Copied ?
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