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Generate And Submit Sitemaps To Yahoo Ask And Bing Search

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One of the most asked questions by new Bloggers is ‘How Can I Get My Blog Listed On Google ?’. Yet many new Bloggers and even some of the experienced Bloggers make no attempt to get their Blogs listed on the other three main search engines namely Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Google is the big guy in search but Yahoo, Bing and Ask have a loyal user base and return millions of search results daily, it makes sense to get your blog listed in those results. We previously seen how you can Submit 2 sitemaps to Google and in this post i will show you how to generate a XML sitemap for your blog and submit it to Yahoo, Bing and Ask. By submitting a sitemap you are sending all your blogs content directly to each search engine to be crawled and indexed. The tutorial has two sections, first we will create the XML sitemap and then we will ‘Ping’ it to each search engine.

Submit Sitemap To Yahoo, Bing and Ask

Create XML Sitemap

Step 1. There are a number of sites that allow you to create a free XML sitemap.Here i will use xml-sitemaps, To Generate your fee sitemap go to

Step 2. Scroll To The Sitemap Generator And Enter Your Blogs URL.You don’t need to change the other fields just click the start button.


Step 3. Your sitemap will now be created it may take a few minutes.Once created you will get a list of available links you need to get the .XML link to submit.To do this ‘Right Click’ on the top link and copy the link.

Ping Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Each search engine has a Ping URL you can use.Copy each URL below into your browser and replace SITEMAP-URL-HERE with your sitemap then enter to submit.

Note – Sitemap URL should end in .XML
Example –




New Ask

Once you submit each sitemap you will get a message confirming the submission. That should help get your blog indexed and returned in Yahoo, Bing and Ask search.Make sure to check out more of our SEO Blog Tips.

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Generate And Submit Sitemaps To Yahoo Ask And Bing Search
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