Blogging Against The Grain

The ‘experts’ tell you to find a niche and stay with it as your platform. I don’t have a niche but I do have a blog. And now I am part of a community of bloggers who miss me when I don’t write, who lift me up when I’m down and who celebrate when I share my successes.

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Defy the experts

The experts tell me that in order to blog, I need to have a platform of which I am the expert. They suggest I have a niche and focus on weight issues, dog walking, parenting concerns, fantasy baseball, scrap booking or something similar. The trouble is this… I don’t.

I love to read and I’m in a book group but that isn’t my life. I also love to walk, hike, write, teach and learn. As I blog, I engage the reader with humor, stories, lessons and lots of meaningful photos. In turn, I meet bloggers across the globe, sharing information about topics that inspire, motivate, captivate and encourage me along the way.

Bloggers Can Make New Rules

We can create a niche or we can write about what is important right here and now. Posting about Memorial Day and the high suicide rate of our soldiers hit a strong nerve with my readers. Their comments added fuel to the original post.

Get your fingers moving; get your thoughts onto the screen. Review, edit and publish. Get past the initial post and decide later what to focus on. In this world, there is no publisher, teacher, director or boss to tell you otherwise. Make new rules as you go along and see what happens.

Stay Tuned In

During the day I tune into sounds, listen for funny comments; keep my eyes open for interesting photography and notice more than ever before. I continually get out of my comfort zone as a way to bring new people, places, tastes and experiences into my world… so I can share them in my blog.

Take a look around the blog world and you’ll find TONS of bloggers who write about everyday life, random thoughts, quirks, hopes, dreams, goals and despair. They chat with others who are struggling, succeeding, hoping and dreaming as well.

Say What?

You don’t need a niche to be a blogger; you just need to blog about something interesting. Once you begin, be sure and read other blogs, leave meaningful comments, relate back to other posts and keep the conversations alive, fresh and real. Put some of yourself out there and you will get genuine people in your wake.

My niche is being me. Is it really that simple?

By Guest Author –Check out the Inside Out Café ( Perhaps you’d like to join the No Comfort Zone Challenge that encourages you to do something out of your comfort zone as a way to feel more alive and connected.

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Blogging Against The Grain
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