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Are You A Poor Blogger? Here’s How Your Blog Can Make You Richer !

You can be considered a poor blogger if you’ve been in blogging business for over six months and you cannot make at least a hundred dollars per month. If you have been investing your time, money and intellect into your business and your AdSense account is still in the reds, then you don’t have a success story.

How about having been on the Net for over two years and your Google AdSense account is no where near $50? Your guest is as good as mine. Blogging is supposed to be a full time business to a lot of people who are doing it; and when for months and years no tangible income comes into your pocket you are a poor blogger.

I know some would like to criticize me by saying that blogging success is not only measured by the amount of money one gets. They may want to excuse themselves by saying that success could be measured in terms of the number of people who have benefited directly or indirectly from your content.

But providing quality content and making others happy but you end up a debtor, with no money to renew your Internet subscription, pay your domain and hosting renewals and even feed yourself still does not translate to a success story.

If you are still in the categories mentioned above, here are a few things you could do to change you story:


6 Tips To Help Monetize Your Blog

1. Advertise yourself –  people are looking for help on several areas of difficulty. You already have a niche where you can provide solution to people’s problems. Why not take it further by advertising yourself on sites where people meet to look for help? Some of the sites where you tell people what you can do and get hired in fiverr, tenbux, tenrr dollar3, zeerk, etc. You can leverage on the site’s traffic and popularity and make your money to fund your blog and take care of other expenses.

2. Resell – Go and join established sites with recurrent service charges and become a reseller there. You can join sites like hostgator.com, godaddy.com, namecheap.com, etc. and begin to sell hosting packages to the numerous visitors to your blog.

3. Write for money –  the concept of your blog may not allow you to directly write for money. But as you see you blog grow, you need to join sites that allow you to do reviews and be paid for doing so. Some of them include: reviewme.com, sponsoredreview.com, loudlaunch.com, helium.com, thewittery.com, etc.

4. Expand your scope –  Add other areas of interest to your blog. You can add solution providing segment to it. Instead of looking for who to pay you, why not be a little more creative. Create a part where people can come and advertise what they can do for money and take 5 to 10% of their charges. Pooling the small charges together would certainly make you richer. You provide the platform, others come to make money with your platform and the consumers get their satisfaction. A kind of win win situation for everyone.

5. Sell ad space – you can also money some revenue by providing a space for advertisers to place their ads. You either get involved in direct ad use advertising networks like Google adsense, Chitika, Kontera, Exitjunction, dynamic oxygen, etc.

6. Afiiliate programmes –  Create a page for your affiliate programmes and write a special presell on them. When your readers buy the products through your link you receive some percentage payment on the profit made. With few affiliate programmes you can get reasonable income right there on your blog.

Applying the right strategy and creative thinking can help get you out of the poverty zone as a blogger. When you use your quality content and professional looking blog to attract readers, you use your business management acumen to make income out of the high traffic you get.

Do you know of other good strategies to use to generate revenue with your blog? Share them with us; we would be glad to hear from you.

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By Guest Author –Efoghor Joseph Ezie is a blogger, author and small business manager. He is the owner of Business Success Guide, where he teaches on small business, blogging and social media.For more of his success tips visit http://www.bizsuccessguide.com

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Are You A Poor Blogger? Here’s How Your Blog Can Make You Richer !
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