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Add the YouTube Ipod Style Music Player To Your Blog


In this post i will help you add some music to your blog.I have chosen this ipod style music player for its great look and it pulls the songs from YouTube so you have the video for the song playing on your Blog Ipod you also have the option to just have the music with no video.

In fact there are 23 different styles you can use and lots of options,You can also set the style and size of the player to fit your sidebars and choose to have it auto play or only play when clicked.
Add the YouTube Ipod Style Music Player On Your Blog
Here’s a simple one i just made just added three songs you can add lots more:
(I have the auto play turned off so click play to try it out):

Here’s the steps to get yours

1. Go to MixPod.Com and sign up it will only take a minute.

2.Click on ‘My playlists’ > ‘New Play list’

3.Choose the style of your playlist here are some samples :

ipod styles

4.Now the fun part adding songs to your play list there are two ways to do this :

  • Simply use the search bar to find a song type in the song title and click play to test the song is OK if your happy click + to add the song to your play list.
  • Add the URL of a song.
ipod add music

5.Once you have chosen your songs click ‘customise’ to set the ‘colors’ or have a background image and ‘settings’ to turn on or off auto play-shuffle-loop…..

6.You now must give your play list a title and have the options to add a description tags,genres and categories.Happy ! Then click ‘Save and Get Code’

ipod save

7.You are now on the code page and the cool thing here is they have their own tutorial on adding the code to Blogger.
Choose blogger in the side menu as shown below to get the and see how to add it:

ipod code
We Are Nearly Finished – First A Quick Reminder:
If you need more help or have an opinion or suggestion Please leave a comment Below.It also really helps me to get feedback.
This is a Do-Follow Blog so leaving a comment will also help Your blogs Google rank.
OK Back to business….

8.Even though they tell you how to add it to your blog heres a reminder :

Click >’Layout’ >’Add a Gadget’>selech ‘Html/Javascript’ >

blogger layout (2)
add a gadget (1)
htmljavascript (1)

Paste the code in the area provided and save.

Your play list is now on your blog you can go back and add or remove songs from your play list and it will automatically change on your blog.

Which style did you pick? .. Let us know how it looks..

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Add the YouTube Ipod Style Music Player To Your Blog
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