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8 Useful Tips To Encourage Your Readers To Comment More

Although we’d like to believe that ‘content is king’ when it comes to blogging, the success of an online blogging platform, when viewed by its relative visibility and popularity within the online community at large, is also significantly determined by the size and activity level of the blogs readership. Without readers, powerful, revelatory content will simply go unnoticed by online audiences.

Keeping this in mind, many blog owners have begun actively attempting to both draw in new audiences to their blog and interest them enough to return, drafting them into the ranks of their blog’s ‘readership.’ Unfortunately, this process is often easier described than accomplished. Making your content stand out in a heavily saturated market requires talent, charisma and hard work. We’ve compiled a list of steps below that will serve as your guide down the path to increased popularity and, consequently, a more active readership.

STEP #1: Talk Directly To Your Readers

Very few people take active enjoyment in being lectured, without the opportunity to add their own personal comments or conjectures. In the world of blogging, this method of content delivery can instantly condemn your publication into the nether realms of anonymity. No matter what content you’re covering, be it nuclear physics or advanced Korean grammar, ensure that your readers feel welcome. By including comments such as “let me know what you think,” or, “I would love to get your opinion on this,” you can inspire your readers to leave more comments on your blog .

STEP #2: Be Authentic

Although anonymity can work wonders for online daters or RPG players, this is simply not the case when working as a professional blogger. If you aren’t overly familiar with a concept or idea, don’t claim to be an expert. Your audiences will see right through you and, when they do, they won’t return to your publication again.

STEP #3: Be Gracious

If you’re committed to blogging for the long haul, you’re going to have ample opportunities to generate activity from your audiences. When an individual does comment on your blog, respond in turn. Thank them for their post, and engage in conversation with them on the topic they introduced. By asking more questions at this phase, you can help catch their attention even more.

STEP #4: Be Kind

No matter what comments your readers provide, you should always maintain your poise. If you receive negative feedback or insults, don’t lose your temper. Any display of aggression on your part will intimidate future readers. Instead, find a professional, polite way to deal with your unwanted guests.

STEP #5: Be Unpredictable

If you’re in the mood to quickly generate buzz and interest in your blog, host a prize giveaway. No matter how large or small this event is, it’s guaranteed to rustle potential commenters into providing an e-mail address or web comment in exchange for the opportunity to win a prize.

STEP #6: Be Insightful

Make it a rule to never publish content unless you actually have something to say. Too many bloggers feel compelled to consistently generate material, often at the expense of quality. Make sure that your posts are both compelling and interesting. Even if you only post once a week, you’ll be earning a reputation for quality, well developed writings. This can significantly help attract an audience of active readers.

STEP #7: Be A Curator

Find material that other blogs don’t have, and you’re guaranteed to raise eyebrows. Whatever your topic, carefully research and explore available material. Treat your blog like a museum. By including rare and unique videos, texts, pictures, etc., you’ll be sure to keep audiences coming back for more. And with this increased attention, you can definitely expect higher levels of audience participation.

STEP #8: Be Persistent

When all is said and done, the success of your blog is, ultimately, determined by you. Although you may experience anonymity for weeks or months after starting your blog, don’t give up! Use this time to develop an extensive catalog of well written, engaging pieces that future readers can look back on.

Blogging definitely isn’t the easiest of jobs, and many aspiring writers simply give up, due in large part to frustration or fatigue. If you can endure the opening struggle, however, you’ll thank yourself later. Good luck!

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8 Useful Tips To Encourage Your Readers To Comment More
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