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7 Reasons Why Acting Goofy On Your Blog Helps Business

Bloggers, like any other business owner in the world, take their blogs very seriously. Every bit of information they put on there and every post is somber and serious and high on information. Not many would ever want to tamper with the serious image that they have created in front of their audiences. However, as many successful bloggers know, acting goofy on your blog could be a great alternative to always being super serious. Here are a few reasons why you should consider bringing out your goofy side every once in a while on your blog.

1. It helps you and your content team relax

Goofing around is the easiest way to relax- for you, your content team and even your audiences. While always posting thought provoking, well researched pieces helps you build up your credibility but you have to remember that people love bloopers just as much as the serious stuff. Think of it as something like the signature charming sign off that your favorite news anchor used before ending a news bulletin and you would realize that throwing in a goof or two can actually help your content team feel refreshed by much.

2. It would never be as bad as you imagine

Being goofy on your blog really has no down side. Unless you have no talent whatsoever for comedy, goofing off would never had a bad repercussion on the image of your blog. In fact, posting a goofy pic or video or post on your blog will actually help people get a better sense of your confidence which would automatically get them to see your blogs in a new light as well.

3. It gives your audience variety

Building up a dedicated audience for your blog is hard work. Sustaining this audience could be the real tricky part however. But if you have the talent for providing your audience with variety, you’d have a better chance of retaining eyeballs over a longer period of time. When your audience sees that you can provide them with a bit of variety as well as what your content specializes in, they might be tempted to spend more time on your page.

4. It promotes bonding

A very well known universal fact is that people like the company of folks that can make them laugh. This also applies to the virtual world and the millions of cat videos with felines doing dumb stuff proves that. So, you have to ask yourself, if a cat doing silly things can get millions of page views, a real person doing something similar might be enough to make even your regular audience tune into your page more often. Plus, blogs are more about personal expression for both the content developer as well as the reader and little goof offs every now and then would bring your readers ever closer to you too.

5. It’s entertaining

Yes, goofs are rather entertaining and blog owners and developers should not be ashamed of sharing their own goofs with their followers. Of course you don’t have to make a regular habit of it but posting a picture of a video of behind the scene bloopers etc. keeps audiences entertained while allowing them to see your human side too.

6. You’re cool if you can laugh at yourself

The ability to laugh at oneself is not something that everyone is blessed with though the people that can pull it off without sounding sarcastic or whiny generally are considered the most self confident of all folks. The self assurance this ability gives off is also quite attractive to others which makes making friends and winning admirers a breeze too. If you can admit to and even show off having a goofy side, people will find you cool for sure.

7. It helps you stand apart from rival blogs

No matter what topics your blog espouses, you know that there are at least a handful of other blogs that are writing about the same thing. While this kind of rivalry is amazing for development of content, its quality and putting the reader first, it also makes it hard for both established blogs as well as new entrants to the game to stand out from the crowd. This is where posting about the occasional goof could set you apart and help you create a wider fan base in the long run.

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7 Reasons Why Acting Goofy On Your Blog Helps Business
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