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3 Tips To Write World-Class Bullet Points For Your Blog Posts

Recently I’ve been working on jazzing up my skills when it comes to sales letters and capture pages…


In other words, I’ve been staring at my screen a lot, listening to some pretty cool trainings about how to improve my writing to the point where I can persuade a higher percent of people to buy my stuff.

Pretty much one of the most important skills to learn out there, and I want to share a few insights I’ve had (or at least what other genius people have flat out told me to do!)

One running theme I’ve run across is the importance of being able to write killer bullet points.

I know, that may seem like an obscure topic and skill to work on, but here me out.

People buy products often because one really great bullet point convinces them.

One great bullet point often turns into the title of your email, blog post, capture page, or sales letters. Then your next best bullet points turn into your sub-headlines and others are just bullets you use for the actual content.

In fact, one of my favorite guys to listen to when it comes to this stuff said that learning to write great bullet points is the single most important skill when it comes to selling stuff with your writing.

Now, here are just a few tips I’ve learned recently.

1. Write WAY more bullet points than you think you’ll need. That way, you’re assured to have enough for your headlines and your content, with extra to throw out because they sucked.

2. Write about benefits, not features. This is probably THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE!

I read way to many blog titles that simply state what’s in the post, and not some awesome benefit to get. It’s the same thing when writing for a capture page, email, or sales letter.

Make sure you’re focused on the results that your prospects want to get…

For example “See how one little trick doubled my blog readers in 2 days flat!”

Most people would say something like “See how to syndicate to 25 places all at once!”

Now, that second one isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely a step below the first one because you immediately connect the trick to a measurable result, while the second one doesn’t.

3. Write “blind” bullets.

Basically, don’t give everything away. If you’re writing a capture page, the point is to only get them to leave their information, not sell them on what’s on the page after the capture page!

Write for intrigue and curiosity. If you explain what all your secrets are and exactly what you’re giving away, people will decide they don’t want it before they even see what you’re really selling.

Now, remember, even if you’re not a master ad writer and you’re not getting paid thousands of dollars to write sales letters, writing bullets is still an essential skill to master.

I guarantee that honing your skill will improve your headlines to get more readers and also spice up the actual content to keep your readers interested and ready to buy!

Cameron Smith

By Guest Author – Cameron Smith is the owner of Build It Blogging. He is also an Internet marketing addict and loves all kinds of sports.

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3 Tips To Write World-Class Bullet Points For Your Blog Posts
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