3 reasons why many bloggers get frustrated and what to do against it

One reason why I have started to research and write about blogging tips is that I really don’t like it when good blogs are taken offline just because the blogger became frustrated. So what are the
causes for blogger frustration and what can you do against it?


Too few visitors

I know how it feels when you log in to your Google Analytics after a day of promoting your blog and… your visitor count is even lower than usual. Many great bloggers put a lot of work into their blogs and get frustrated if all their hard work leads to no results.

My tip: Don’t give up. I know exactly how it feels when you do so much for something but you only get very little in return. I have learned over and over again that most of the online success happens over time – that could mean anything from 6 months to a few years if you can not spend lots of money on advertising. You may just be one or two work-intensive months away from the readership you want to achieve.

Too few comments

Comments are very important for bloggers because positive feedback motivates and constructive “negative” feedback helps to improve the blog. That is why some bloggers get discouraged when they receive too few or even no comments what is absolutely undersandable. But how to deal with this discouragement?

My tip: Don’t take comments too important as a measure of your blogs success. Especially if you run a tips-, advice-, knowledge- or tutorial oriented blog because people may be busy following the steps of your tutorial or implementing the knowledge you shared instead of staying on your website to leave a comment. It’s better when you look at the number of returning visitors as a measure for success because all these people who try out the things you showed them my not leave a comment – but come back for more over and over again.

Too Tired to post

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with your regular posting schedule – either you feel overworked, you don’t feel like you have anything of interest to share in the momemnt or you just have more important things to do. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your regular readers alone when one of these times comes again.

My tip: When you feel productive, write as many high-quality posts as you can but don’t publish them all. Always keep some in draft mode as a reserve for the “bad blogging days” where you want to do everything but write a blog posts. This way you still have great content to publish.

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3 reasons why many bloggers get frustrated and what to do against it
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