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Today I want to list some of the best slider plugins for WordPress blogs.Most Bloggers want to use a slider be it a Featured posts slider or just a neat slideshow of your pictures or Carousel.Originally I wanted to list 20 free slider plugins but to be honest there was not 20 Good free sliders to choose from.Most of the free sliders were just a Lite Version of a premium plugin.So I found 10 top free slider plugins and I have also listed 10 of the very best Premium WordPress Plugins if you are willing to spend a few bucks.

So I will start with the 10 best free slideshow plugins and then I have listed the 10 premium slideshow plugins.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Meta Slider

Meta Slider : Meta slider incorporates the Flex Slider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides and Coin Slider.Drag and Drop feature from your WordPress media library, fully SEO optimized.

Kinsta Infinite Slider

Kinsta Infinite Slider : A unique WordPress gallery plugin with a number of themes.Infinite sliding and mobile drag to slide are enabled.Slides are shown in a thumbnail grid.

Len Slider

Len Slider : The Len slider is a solid plugin using jQuery there are a number of styles to suit your blog.YouTube and Vimo videos can also be added as slides.

Easing Slider “Lite”Easing Slider “Lite” : A lightweight slider that’s fully mobile responsive with bulk image upload options to save time.There is a pro version available.

Smooth SliderSmooth Slider : Smooth Slider is fully responsive with three built in transition effects.The slider can be added anywhere on your blog with a preview option in your admin panel.

Wow SliderWow Slider : The Wow slider couldn’t be easier to use.Packed with cool transition effects and built in mobile swipe feature.

Captain Slider

Captain Slider : A great free jQuery slider with a number of styles and transitions.Fully responsive for mobile and supports video slides.

Slide Deck 2Slide Deck 2 : One of the main features of Slide Deck 2 is it can be connected with your Flicker, Pinterest and YouTube accounts to show images and video from those accounts.

Meteor SlidesMeteor Slides : This is one of the very basic sliders for those who want something lightweight and easy to use.Options for transitions and navigation after that it’s just a slideshow.

Super SliderSuper Slider : Super Slider allows multiple sliders on your posts and pages.Add navigation buttons, transition styles, links and more to each slide.

Best Premium WordPress Slider Plugins

Make sure to follow the link to the plugin page and check out the Previews of each slider in action before you buy.

Slider Revolution

Price : $19
Slider Revolution : A great option Slider Revolution has different size options up to full screen to suit your blog.All styles are covered and the slider is responsive for mobile.Full support is offered when you buy the slider.

LayerSliderPrice : $18
LayerSlider : Layer Slider is packed with features.Lost of transition effects between slides.Works seamlessly on mobile devices and supports video slides.

Master SliderPrice : $25
Master Slider : The Master slider has over 25 styles to choose from and you can create your own styles.Touch swipe navigation is enabled for mobile devices.

Gold Slider

Price : $10
Gold Slider : The main feature of the Gold slider is the multiple styles available.The slider allows for customization of colours (titles, text, border and background), border type (for secondary posts) and sliding/easing mode.

Code SliderPrice : $8
Code Slider : Code slider keeps it simple.Touch responsive, multiple transitions and compatible with all browsers.

Super 7 SliderPrice : $10
Super 7 : Super 7 is a fantastic WordPress slider with over 350 transitions.Unlimited slides and fully responsive.

Infinity Slider

Price : $9
Infinity Slider : This slider is packed with features and advanced design but easy to use.over 300 transition effects between slides.Works perfectly on mobile devices with swipe to view.

FullScreen Background SliderPrice : $9
FullScreen Background Slider : Something a bit different here with a full screen WordPress slider.Working with CSS (Uses jQuery on older browsers) a full screen slideshow is a great option.

Uno SliderPrice : $9
UnoSlider : The tag line for this slider is Unlimited Transitions.Touch enables, supports all browsers with 12 pre-made themes to choose from.

Showbiz Pro CarouselPrice : $15
Showbiz Pro Carousel : Finally we have a Carousel plugin with a number of different styles.A number of different styles are built in with lots of transitions and supports video slides.

That’s our list I was surprised with the low quality free plugins but I guess the premium plugins are only a few dollars Is there a free slider plugin I missed ? Drop your comments and questions below.

AuthorAuthor – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.


  1. Awesome plugins, I really love sliders but never used it as it will slow down the website.

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