List Of Useful Traffic Monitoring Tools For Bloggers

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Do you want to make sure your blog stays in the limelight? Do you want to be certain that it remains almost always in the top 20 stats of any search engine? Then you need to get seriously cracking with the hottest traffic monitoring tools on the net today.

Monitoring traffic, and applying the stats gathered in bettering your blog gives it that extra zest needed to attract more traffic. Tracking visitor traffic and analyzing the information you gather thereby is essential in measuring the high and lows of your SEO tactics.

In today’s digital domain, where the race for fame extends across the waves of a different medium altogether, the following traffic monitoring tools should prove of immense help to bloggers.

1) Google Analytics

This is the most common web traffic monitoring tool for SEO masters. Being free and user-friendly, this application has many patrons. You paste codes into templates and this brings up site traffic stats for your perusal. This application comes with the added benefits of Adsense and Adwords.

2) Yahoo Web Analytics

This application is a hit mainly because of its categorization tools and dashboards. With its enhancement of real-time traffic monitoring, and historic traffic data archives, Yahoo Web Analytics helps bloggers improvise on their content and SEO plans.


This application enables real-time traffic monitoring. Visitors are viewable as icons, and a single click reveals their stats. also provides information on whether the visitor is new, or if it is a re-visit, and if so how many times the user may have visited your blog or site.

Opentracker – Real Time Analytics

4) Pagealizer

Pagealizer, apart from the usual monitoring features, goes a step further and provides visitor view duration monitoring. It also offers assistance on bettering interaction among users.

5) StatCounter

This application works almost along the same lines as Google Analytics, and is more favored by novices. It runs on two service levels and offers a variety of web visitor tracking tools.

6) Webstats BASIC

Webstats BASIC is keenly focused on the monitoring of visitor trends and activities. It measures and conveys information on traffic fluctuations to the blog or site owner.

7) SEMrush

This application is more of a traffic analysis tool. SEMrush is best known for its add-ons and keyword list-based competitor ranking.

8) Google Insights

This application is invaluable in finding key phrases or key phrase groups drawing the most traffic on the web.

9) Google Trends

Google Trends is best for comparing traffic ratios for multiple sites or blogs. However it only gives you a rough estimate in terms of analytical data. The rest would be mostly guesswork.

10) VisiStat

This application is a completely visitor-based traffic monitor. It relays visitor activity, popular pages and referral links used, and stats regarding visitor likes, as well.

I hope this brief list of the tools of the trade can help you achieve that social networking finesse which gets the traffic flowing freely towards your newest blog or web space.

Happy Blogging!

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