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Posted : Thursday, June 16, 2011 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 7 comments

Blogger TipsBlogger and Google Chrome today made a ‘Blog This’ extension available for the Google Chrome Browser.Blog This lets you instantly share any web page on your blog.Once Downloaded simply clicking the Blog This icon in the browser address bar will open your Blogger post editor with a link to the page your on included in the editor.If you highlight some text on the page before clicking the Blog This button that text will also be pre-loaded into the post editor with the link.So for example if you wanted to share this post on your blog you would highlight a few lines of text, click your Blog This button and your post editor would open in a new window with that text and a link to this post already in place.

One of the things I often hear is how challenging it can be to generate ideas for topics to write about. This may be especially true for popular blogs when you feel as though your followers are eagerly awaiting your next post. Sitting down and staring at your computer with the hope of feeling inspired can result in disappointment.

On my blog for example, I have a mix of posts that were authored be me, and articles that I’ve discovered elsewhere that I think may be of interest to others. Like many of you, there are times when I have things that I’m eager to write about, and other times when I just want to share something

If this sounds familiar, you may find the “Blog This!” Chrome Extension of interest. It enables you post to your blog from any web page with just one click. The Extension is available on the Chrome Web Store under the “Blogging” category. – Quote From Blogger Buzz


How To Get The Blog This Extension

As i stated this is a extension for chrome, you can Download the Chrome Browser Here.To get the Blog This Button follow this link – Blog This For Chrome.

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  1. thx. Paul. I’m using it already


  2. it’s not the “new” blog this chrome extension


  3. @ Paul Santosh – Very picky indeed, I only seen it today so it’s new to me 😀


  4. Just installed it there, thanks!? Whats the new one so out of curiosity!!??


  5. @ Fitzn Bitz – I think Paul was referring to the fact that it is not a new extension as it was been available for a while.A Grammar correction or picking me up for providing misleading information 😀 You can get a way with nothing in the Blogosphere which is a good thing i guess..


  6. thank you so much! What a great video, you really helped. Keep up the good work 🙂


  7. thanks for providing nice chrome extension to make blog posting easier.It really helps to save time