25 Awesome Examples Of Alluring About Us Pages

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Guest Post – Our host is Ben Rogan, In this post Ben has listed 25 amazing About Pages sure to Inspire you.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

Whether you own a personal blog or manage an ecommerce platform; the ‘about’ section of your site should be the place where your personality really shines. However, so many sites succumb to the typically dry bios, which ultimately lack originality and a unique ‘voice’. Here’s a variety of sites in a variety of niches, which do a great job of breaking the mould; whether it be a witty write up, clever design, or a mix of the two.

Collection Of About Us Pages

Andrew Reifman

A great way of displaying skills in a way that doesn’t scream “Look at me, aren’t I great?”



Mega text here for a bold headline. Then a nice personal first person account of what he’s about and what he does for clients.


Mail Chimp

The initial question “Who is MailChimp” piques interest. The fun subheadings like “Our Mascot’s History”, “Our View of User Experience”, “Our Practical Jokes” and “Our Wonderful Customers” draw you further into the site,


Miki Mottes

When you’re an animator and illustrator, your own website is your ‘public playground’ as this guy points out. He’s made his a really fun showcase of work.


Jared Christensen

There’s something immediately inviting about a self-deprecating About Us page. This one is hilarious but ultimately shows that this guy is funny and talented – as much as he protests this.


Brad Candullo

Pretty, informative and personal. Just what you want in a one-man band design/developer business.


Chirag Solanki

Beautiful graphics from this designer – note that the About Me page is essentially what can be done for clients rather than a biography.


Dustin Curtis

Truly unique if a bit morbid, this writer has created a death clock of sorts, with key achievements and some countdowns



This is a really rather lengthy biog, but cleverly broken up into a CV style that’s really easy to digest. And a cute dog, which is technically cheating.


37 Signals

This timeline shows major milestones of the company against other historical milestones in technology and life in general.



The whole About Us page here is pretty extensive, but the Frequently Asked Questions area is a really neat way to answer what customers are really wondering.


Dan Joe Design

We just love the ‘I’m Available’ status joke. It’s clever



This inviting page has tonnes of info in bitesize chunks. In amongst useful data, we learn an employee has shot a moose. Who wouldn’t hire them?!



Pretty extensive About Us page, starting with an inspiring bit of blurb on the agency and then fun, personal biographies on each of the team.


Fancy Rhino

A nice way of introducing the team… with fake moustaches. It makes you want to learn more about the people, if only to work out why they chose each particular moustache!


Fifty Three

Usually when you have to scroll down a page, it’s annoying. Here, using great typography and a bit of intrigue, you find yourself learning more about the ethos of this company. Their app is awesome by the way.



Infographics on this page succinctly detail the history of the company and how it has grown.


Henry Brown

Simple but effective, sometimes less is more.


Kitschen Sink

This jewellery and accessory company applies ‘kitsch’ to everything – including the About Us section. The copy sets off this unique website perfectly.



Lateral proves there’s no ‘I’ in team with their highly inventive ‘meet the team’ page. Watch each face as it follows your cursor around the screen.


Nelson Cash

You actually feel a sense of history with this one – the image of the coffee shop inception of the company is a nice touch!


Pursuit Yourself

Tailoring for the young and hip, it had to be a cool About Us page featuring men in suits


Spence Diamonds

A real lesson in building customer trust. This engagement ring designer introduces himself and manages to come across really well.


Wing Chen

The design of this site is so cool – laid out like a fold out book. The designer’s About Me page is a simple spider graph of skills.



Meet the team in a video. This would also serve as a great recruitment video. One could question how much work gets done – they look like they have a lot of fun!

That’s the collection have you a favorite ?


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