How To Override Blogger Country Specific Blogspot URLs


ccTLD LogoA few months back Blogger introduced a system were by Blogs using the blogspot sub domain would redirect to a country code Top Leval Domain (ccTLD) depending on which country a visitor viewed the blog from.

Confused ?

No need to be, basically all blogger blogs using the free blogspot domain have always been when you create your blog the URL would be for example and everyone who visited would be on

Now for some reason Blogger have changed this.

When a visitor lands on your blog the domain will change depending on the country they are in.So I'm in Ireland; now every time I visit a blog the domain will not be .com but .ie (The ccTLD For Ireland).So our example blog when I visit here in Ireland will be, and if someone from lets say India visits it will be

The list goes on, people in the UK will see and in France they see if your in the USA you will have been totally oblivious to this change as you will always be seeing .com, but others are seeing your blog differently.

Personally I think it would be a great if they gave you the option to use a country code domain but to just automatically do it is strange to say the least.

Override Blogger Country Specific Domain

OK, if you don't want your blog to be viewed differently in every country but rather use the .com URL at all times we have a fix.By adding a snippet of code to your template you can override the country specific domain.This code is the most straight forward and comes from Amit Agarwal these steps :

Remember Always Back Up Your Template Before You Make Changes - How To Back Up A Blogger Template

Step 1. In Your (New Design) Blogger Dashboard Click The Drop Down Menu For Your Blog > Choose Template > Then Edit Html > Now Proceed as shown in the video Below :

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code - How To Find Code In Blogger Template Template)

Step 3. Copy and Paste the following code Directly Below / After <head>

<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.hostname;
var slug = document.location.pathname;
var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf("."));
if (ctld != ".com") {
var ncr = "http://" + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf("."));
ncr += "" + slug;

Now save your template and your done, your blog will always be viewed as dot com.

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  1. What is the difference between leaving it and changing it? Why would I want it changed? Or why would I want it the way it is?

  2. Yes, I was thinking about it. Why it should be changed?

  3. Thats a great post, Everything with india mentioned in it seems great to me :)

    Nice one, i always wondered why they change it to country specific url

  4. Thank you so much!
    I wanted that change!

  5. I am curious about it too. Perhaps it might be easier to keep track of your website for Google analytics or pagerank purposes.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I am not sure why I would need to use it but still its just nice to know the in and outs anyways.

  7. yes please tell us is there any benefit to change it in to dot com if so than please share us

  8. This is very useful trick!
    THANKS Mr.Paul Crowe

    I use this in my blog.
    my blog get best alexa rank for domain
    ALl other domains are redirect to

    thanks Again!

  9. For those asking why you'd want to override it, it's mainly for the comments. When it switches me to the Canada version of a blog (, I'll only be able to see Canadian comments and only Canadians will be able to see mine.

  10. how about

  11. i applied this on 1 blog. it works.. no doubt
    but when i removed this code for some reasons there is no change in cctld.
    it is always .com without this code installed??? how is that so?? any idea?

    1. Exactly same is happening in my blog
      author plz tell us how to revert back to normal

    2. I would think this is a cache issue.Clear the cache on your browser and it should be fine.

  12. I applied this code on my blog and It works perfectly thanx Panul

  13. I'd rather prefer buying a customized domain to be simple in comes to url presentation and is easy to recall.

  14. followed the steps it just goes into a stuck loop and won't open
    please help me out

  15. sir on my site this not working plz guide me sir...

  16. nice information thank you very much..

  17. nice, It works perfectly. thanks

  18. You have any idea how to implement Blogger Tag Hreflang ????

    THANK YOU !!!


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