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In this post i have an awesome new gadget you may have seen on Wordpress blogs that's now available for Blogger.The gadget is called simply "The Slide" and is brought to you by Simple Reach.Those of you that follow some Wordpress blogs will surly have seen the recommended or related posts slide out that appears when you scroll towards the end of a post.Basically when you reach the bottom of a post a card slides out in the bottom right corner of the screen with a related post the reader can click on.The slide out card is not obtrusive and if the reader scrolls back up the card slides back in.This is a great way to keep readers on your blog browsing through your archive, we know this leads to more return visitors and subscribers.

OK enough talk lets see it in action, i have added The Slide to our Social Icon site so you can check it out there.Follow the link to the site below, click on any of the posts, scroll down the page and you will see the recommended post slide out.Then check out the video and steps below the add the slide to your blog.

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Add The Slide Out Recommended Post To Blogger

Video Tutorial - Steps and link below.

Step 1. Go To Simple Reach.

Step 2. Create an account, make sure to check your Email for confirmation link.

Step 3. Choose Blogger as your platform and follow the steps to download your template and upload it to Simple Reach.

Step 4. Save the updated template, return to Blogger and upload it.

Step 5. Your Done, wait a few hours and the slide will appear on your blog.

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  1. Good trick :) ' I want to know how you added hovering effects in your BSA ad slots ' Please Write about it.

  2. very useful n stylish widget. keep gathering such stuff more... ;)

  3. Any idea how i can change the "Recommended For You" text?

  4. @ gamep01nt - I cant see a way to change it you could ask the support theme from the slide.

  5. Hi Paul, I've tried to add this to my blog at but it is not showing up. Tried both uploading the template and the manual method. I reached out to SimpleReach but no response...any ideas how I can get it working?


  6. Paul, when i am click simple reach its showing the following message

    We are currently in private beta.

    Contact us to apply.

    Now what should i do? Plz tell me.

    1. Simple Reach is no longer available for new signups :(

  7. simple reach is no more available for new blogs,
    They, seem to, have discontinued their support


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