2 Cool New Blogger Resources - Custom Blogger Templates And Glitter Burned


Two excellent designers and friends of Spice Up Your Blog recently launched new blogs that Blogger users will love.Many of you will have heard me mention Harish before, he works with me on various projects and has launched an original Blogger Template site.Lauren 'nymphont' Thompson recently listed in a top ten female designers list has launched a gallery you can all submit your blogs to and it's a Blogger only zone.

Custom Blogger Templates

CBT is the latest endeavor of Harish Dasari, he has put his amazing knowledge of Blogger along with the latest coding techniques together to provide amazing free blogger templates.The templates are converted from original Wordpress and Css designs but unlike so many "half hearted" efforts at template conversions Harish leaves no stone unturned in providing the best possible quality.Although i made some tweaks when i changed the design of SUYB two months ago the template i used is from CBT and called Corage.

Check Out Custom Blogger Templates

Glitter Burned

I have been a fan of Lauren Thompson for some time from her work on Nymfont.Com.Now Lauren has launched a showcase of Blogger powered blogs called Glitter Burned.A few minutes browsing through the gallery can uncover some fantastic blogs you might otherwise never find.You can of course also submit your own blog and have it added to the Glitter Burned gallery.

Check Out Glitter Burned

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  1. Im always love changing my template to a new one even its risking my blog page rang on SEO. This kind of info always welcome to me.. :D

  2. how to download a template from glitterburned?

  3. @ PAHANG - Custom Blogger Templates is the template site to download templates, Glitter burned is a gallery of actual blogs.

  4. I've used Nymfont's templates in the past, but I wasn't too impressed with either of the sites you posted about. They're "okay", but I still prefer Blogger's new customizable designs.

  5. Hi Paul! Thanks so much for writing about GlitterBurned! I have received a ton of new submissions since your posting, not to mention traffic. Thanks again,

  6. @ Lauren - Your welcome keep up the great work !

  7. Hi paul
    i noticed a google + icon in the tab how to put it there can you do a tutorial for that

  8. "Custom Blogger Templates" is good one. I just download "Mularonis Magazine " template. I apple it tomorrow or day-after tomorrow i want use it. Many thanks "spiceupyourblog".
    If you know good Blogger background downloading sites please post it soon.

  9. Sholam/Salam alekum! Peace be on you! Seems you have removed the outer orange layer from corage template for use. Can you please tell me how can I remove the outer layer from different templates. Thanks for such a nice blog.

  10. Blogger has introduced a new features on draft blogger namely post template on the post and comment tab. I would be grateful if you post something on this topic

  11. Nice. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. I love everything you do, and I love that you give us so many resources. I also love the many, many different templates that you have featured. Here is the problem, I am and idiot and can't figure out how to utilize any of these templates. A tutorial breaking that down would be of immense help. I have scoured your site looking for one, but alas have not found it. If I have missed it then please point me there, if not and you don't have one planned can you point me somewhere else that shows things so plainly and simply as you. Thank you for your time.

    1. Millican Mission Check out the template tutorial videos here

  13. nice share, i will go to glitterburned to submit my site


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