How To Use A Search Bar To Find Code In Your Blogger Template


OK so your reading a tutorial in this Blog and im going through the steps and then i say 'Find the following piece of code in your blogs template' .You think "You want me to find a small piece of code among the millions of characters in my blogs html"?

So to help i always follow that line with :
(Click 'Ctrl F' for a search bar to find the code)

You think 'Click what for a what'?

So here I'm going to show you exactly how to use the search bar to find the code :

You have followed the steps of a tutorial and you have reached the 'Edit Html' page as seen below :

How To Use A Search Bar To Easily Find Code In Your Blogger Template

Now you have to find a piece of code in your Blogs Html, for this example lets say i told you to find this piece of code :


Heres the easy way to find it

  • The first thing you do is click and hold the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard.

  • Now while holding the 'CTRL' key Click the letter 'F' on your keyboard :

  • CTRL F

    (If you use Safari don't worry, just use the Apple+F keys to get the same effect)

    Once you have clicked 'CTRL + F' a search bar will appear at the bottom of your page as seen below :


    Now paste or type the code or text your looking for into the search bar.

    We are looking for </head> so i typed it into the search bar and and as i did the search bar jumped to were the code is in my blogs html and highlighted it for me see the example below :

    spice up your blog

    We Are Nearly Finished - First A Quick Reminder:
    If you need more help or have an opinion or suggestion Please leave a comment Below.It also really helps me to get feedback.
    This is a Do-Follow Blog so leaving a comment will also help Your blogs Google rank.
    OK Back to business....

  • Notes:

  • Now you have quickly found the code you can follow the rest of the steps to complete the tutorial.

    You can also click "Next" or "Previous" to jump between instances of your search term on the page.

    Depending on your Browser the search box may look different or be placed different don't worry it works the same.

    The search bar can also be accessed by clicking"Edit" then "Find" in your browser's toolbar menu.

    We all want to add some spice up our blogs did this helps you speed up the process ?

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    1. i dont understand where to paste the code?

    2. @ Wordsare.. - Which tutorial are you having trouble with ?

    3. Thank you. I appreciate this post!! I have seen so many suggestions to improve my blog that involved editing my HTML code....that was so scary to me that I completely avoided. After reading this post (and bookmarking it!!), I know feel confident enough to make some changes to my code. Thank you!

    4. I really want to do this BUT when I try to find </head> it's just not there?

    5. Sir. Great and nice. You and your blog. Me new and reader and fan of you. Do you kindly check and guide?

    6. @ Ifinder - I dont understand the question Check and guide what ?

    7. Sir. The credit go to you. Trying spice up my blog. Learning many unknown. Thanking You with Regards. wn. Thanking You with Regards.

    8. OMG Thank you so much not only for this post but for the whole blog! I'm a newbie and the only reason I have taken so long in creating a blog was because I wanted to be able to have something as neat as you are showing us here but had no idea about modifying HTML codes. Thanks again!

    9. This worked like a charm! I did have to 'work' with it a few times as it did not always take me directly to the code I was looking for. Checking the 'Highlight All' box helped a great deal. I could then scroll through my template searching only the highlighted text. Thanks so much for your tutorial! Thanks too for adding the keyboard image - every bit of information helps : D

    10. Isn't this the old version of blogger, how do you edit the html with the new one?

    11. This was fabulous and so easy to follow. Thank you so much for helping the rest of us out!!

    12. I've been trying and trying and trying to add the "Follow me on Pinterest Button"...Ctrl F was the puzzle piece I was missing! Thank you soooo much! Still not sure how to get it to the sidebar, but it is showing up on the posts now! Brand new to the whole blog scene. I'll figure it out. is up and running!

    13. Thanks for sharing !

    14. Hi! i cant find the html im looking for: ]]> i searched it but it didnt appear. Can anyone tell me why and how can i do the tutorial that i want? The tutorial is add a fixed floating image to your blog if that's important.

    15. Hi :) I use Safari, and I don’t quite get what you mean by using the Apple + F keys? what is the Apple key? :p


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