How To Edit, Add And Remove labels In Multiple Blogger Posts At Once

edit all labels bloggerIn this post i will share with you a function available to you on blogger that allows you to edit, add and remove labels to all your blog posts or selected posts at once.This is a feature i don’t think many are aware of and can save a lot of time and effort if you wish to manage your labels.So i think the best way to do this is to show you how to add a label to all your blog posts at once explaining with screen shots as i go.Then i will explane how to add or remove labels in just a number of selected posts .

Lets do it:

OK so i have decided to add a label to all my posts here’s how i do it:

1.Click ‘Edit posts’ for your blog you will go to this page:

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2.To add our new label we do the following:
(See image below)

*Set the ‘posts per page’ in the top right to 300.
*In the top left click select ‘All’.
*Click the ‘Label actions..’ drop down menu.
*Choose ‘New Label..’

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3.You will get this pop up window:

*Enter the new label in the area provided and click OK.
*Your new label has been added to all your posts.

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To remove a label from all your posts:

Simply follow the steps above but this time..

When you click the ‘Label Actions’ Drop down menu scroll down to ‘Remove Label’
Select the label you wish to remove, it will be automatically removed from all your posts.

Add or remove labels from selected posts.

If you want to edit labels on just a few selected posts:

Instead of clicking ‘select all’ click the check box beside the posts you want to add or remove labels to as shown below :

blogger labels

Now use the drop down menu to add or remove labels to those posts.

This should help speed up the process of editing the labels on you blog.


  1. I went over to my dashboard. I see how to add labels, but I don’t see the remove option. What’s going on?


  2. Hi Misha,

    You can see in the second image above (i know it’s a bit blurred) the remove label option.

    You dont have ‘remove’ beside every label in the drop down menu it works like this :

    About half way down the drop down menu have the words ‘Remove Label’ in bold – Any label you click below that will be removed.

    You can contact me if you are still having trouble with it ,



  3. Thank u 4 the information ! I’m a mess with the labels…First i was putting only one by post, and now i put 10 :)))) Thanks again 4 sharing with us.


  4. Great tip.I’ll try to use labels more carefully now.


  5. Thank U, Thank U, Thank U I have been farting around with labels for the longest. Thanks for the super simple instructions. Traci


  6. I am just realizing now. This simple but very important. Thank you Paul!


  7. Thank you for making this article. It’s a little antique but quite helpful. I’ve used to editing every single post before I read this. This just saves me so much time


  8. Thanks so much. For some reason the remove button was not available until I started again from scratch. So glad I read the comments and gave it another try. I think I must have done something in my first try that made it go away. On my first attempt to just edit the spelling on 11 labels I ended up adding the misspelled label to all 300 posts! You were definitely a lifesaver for me. I ended up deleting it from all then making a New Label and adding it to the 11 posts it belonged on.


  9. thanx a saved me all the tedious work