8 Awesome Photoshop Alternatives From Personal Experience

Anyone who uses a computer regularly sometimes needs to edit at least one picture. The problem that arises in this case is that there are a multitude of image editing software, according to users’ needs and budget. That is why I made ​​this list of the best programs covering a wide range of needs. Because I do not want to leave out any interesting program, I want to mention both the free and commercial ones, giving a description of each of course in which category it belongs.


Paint.NET : A very complete program for editing images.

We chose to start with Paint.NET because from my point of view is the best free program to edit photos and more than that, it is compatible with all Windows operating systems! In other words, regardless of your computer’s operating system, you can use the program without any problem if you’ve previously installed Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 component.

Paint.NET is an advanced graphics editor and due to its friendly and interactive interface you will not have trouble using it even if you’ve never before had to deal with a similar program. Changes you can make your pictures with it are endless considering the large number of editing tools, filters and effects that are freely available to you; tools, used together, can lead to original results, unique in the world.
Interface, although rich in options, very much like the Paint program preinstalled on Windows operating systems, therefore you will know from the start the function that meet on the majority of the existing buttons. Moreover, Paint.NET is free and therefore I think it can be the perfect solution for us, the end users.

Photo Pos Pro: More than a simple program to edit pictures.

Due to its functions and tools, we could say that Photo Pos Pro is a program to edit photos dedicated to professionals, but if you dedicate at least five minutes we discover that it is not at all hard to use! It is true that some of its features have been designed for users who have no experience here, but that does not mean that we cannot use it! In substance and in the end, curiosity and perseverance are the best masters. With Photos Pos Pro, it’s very easy to become self-taught!

It’s hard to explain in words what you can do with Photos Pos Pro and the more difficult it is to do it in a space as small as the one available here and therefore I will limit the presentation, nothing more. However, before moving to the next one I have to tell you that Photos Pos Pro is a commercial program and can be installed and used on any computer with Windows operating system.

MyPaint: Pictures Editing Software … for artists!

Since it is not the kind of graphics editor that we are used to… ie changes that can bring to our pictures with its own art as tools available that are dedicated to painting and drawing. Yes, I know many other sites has been shown to be similar in function like Paint.NET, Photo Pos Pro, Photoshop or Gimp, but the truth is that the person making the comparison had no idea what he’s talking about. Download it and install it to convince yourself about it. The more interesting is that this program can be installed on Windows computers as well as computers with Mac OS X or Linux. In other words, MyPaint is a program for transforming photos into drawings or paintings, for everyone!

Best free program to edit photos: GIMP

Undoubtedly, GIMP is the best and most complete free program for editing images. We’ve all heard of Photoshop and its impressive editing tools, but very few knew GIMP and of course when I first heard talk of it, I did not think that it has some of the same qualities, and for free. In addition, it has a few tools that are lacking in PS!

Regarded as a modified program for home pictures, GIMP comes to meet us with many effects, including filters and tools capable to convert pictures taken with a mobile phone worth of called a “photo”! As with the program above, MyPaint, GIMP is somewhat complicated to present from A to Z and therefore I will not go into detail on the tools that it provides and the wonderful things we can do with it. Do not forget that you can install it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Pixelmator : Program for editing images in Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, my favorite program for editing images is Pixelmator. With an elegant interface that beats even Photoshop, the graphics editor was and still is the main rival of the most famous product ever made by Adobe. True, the program is not free, but we have a trial period of 30 days during which, if we are familiar with it, we can decide whether or not to purchase a license or if give the expense of a free solution, GIMP, for example.

Pixelmator is the ideal program for both beginners and professionals, for the first simple and friendly interface with and for the second category of users with advanced editing functions. In other words, if you are using Mac OS X, this is the program for editing images that I recommend it without a thought. As I said, the program is not free but you can get it without any cost in the trial version for 30 days. If you are curious and want to test it, you can download by following this link. Pixelmator can be used in all current versions of Mac OS X.

Seashore: Free program to edit photos on Mac OS X


Once we have reviewed the “heavyweight”, back to a modified program exclusively for Mac OS X pictures, with modest editing functions. Frankly, this program is so weak delightful I recommend you to use it if you have recently changed from Windows to Mac OSX. However, if you want to take a look at it to find out what it is, try it out.

PhotoScape: A package software dedicated to photography


Who says PhotoScape is a program to edit photos, it’s bad! Indeed, we saw that some say it would be the best graphics editor. So, let’s see what this is about. PhotoScape includes an editor, but it’s pretty poor in features just because the package itself is especially dedicated to organizing and managing photos on the computer. If you do that, then I recommend you do not install it. You have so many excellent programs for editing images that would be absurd to limit yourself to PhotoScape for just the basic editor. Instead, using it as a photo manager is one of the best out there!

IrfanView : Ideal to view and quickly edit photos


Even if IrfanView includes editing function, do not expect anything of the tools offered by Paint.NET. No! Not by a long shot. Instead, if you want an ideal program to view pictures and create slideshows or executable screensavers, then IrfanView is my proposal.

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8 Awesome Photoshop Alternatives From Personal Experience
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