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All I can say is WOW!

Thanks Harish and Paul for doing a fantastic job with my blog redesign. The WYSIWYG software I used to develop it did not work in all browsers and was a large file size. Harish recoded the HTML and it now works flawlessly. I will definitely use you again.

Paul Cortissoz

The services that Paul at spiceupyourblog.com gave me were a god send!
I had been searching for someone to do some updates that I couldn’t handle on my own, and he was there to save the day!
His pricing was very reasonable, his service responsiveness was super quick, and his ability to make all of my wishlist come true amazed me!

Thanks Paul!



Paul, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you did helping me fix and improve my blog. I was having some major issues with blogger and you fixed those in a very short time. Then I decided to totally redo the blog and I love it! You were extremely fast and very helpful. Your prices are wonderful too.

Thank you again and I certainly will be spreading the word about your great service.


Joan’s Gardens

I have this silly little hobby craft blog that I keep up because it’s been around for a long time, even though I don’t blog much anymore.I’ve always wanted to update my blog and make it look less “archaic.” I pushed it off for years because it was a foreign idea to me to hire someone I never met (over the internet), and because I thought “normal people” would think my blog is silly so I was kind of shy! Paul is quite approachable and just a pleasure to work with. I’m very busy in “real life…” I often emailed Paul in bits and pieces on my phone, on the train platform.he’s very patient, very thorough, and very good! He never put pressure on me and he listened to everything I was saying, however and whenever I was able to say it. As a result, my blog naturally evolved into something cute and functional.

Thank you so much!!

Rivkah Mizrahi

The service that I got from Paul was absolutely fantastic! Right from when I sent my list of requirements through till the end, his communication and delivery was next to none. My blog was given a complete revamp as required. Will definitely recommend Paul’s expertise.


Franklin Awodiya

Paul and Harish just completed my blog redesign and I am extremely happy with his work. He was tireless in his efforts to give me exactly what I wanted in just a couple of days time. I wholeheartedly advise anyone wanting a blog redesign to contact them and use their services. Harish rocks in my book!

Brenda Kula
Cosy Little House

When I first contacted Paul to redesign my blog, I gave him very specific instructions on the content and overall appearance.Not only did he follow through on my specifications, but he also added in his own touch on things I hadn’t even considered that improved the quality of my site.For quality and professional work, you can’t beat Paul Crowe.


I need to thank Paul for the wonderful work that he did on my blog, at last it has that professional look that I always wanted. The service I received was far above average and he always kept me up to date on what was done. I almost felt that I was not paying enough for the amount of service I received. Paul, you are extremely affordable and your service is superb.Paul, the work you’ve done on my blogs is excellent.

Hilgard Muller

They were a mess before you stepped in and I was overwhelmed with the work it would take to get them in shape. You did so quickly, and in a professional and creative manner. I felt you really understood what I was looking for. I would recommend you to anyone looking to “spice up” their blog. You really went the extra mile and I am deeply appreciative. Your work is worth 4 time what you are charging!!!

Emily Hanlon

-Fiction Writing, The Passionate Journey

-The Divine Imagination, Inward Bound


Many thanks for your work on my VST Charts blog.

The blog was quickly updated and extra features added,
and all completed far quicker than I thought possible.

With your quick replies to emails and excellent explanations
the process was very smooth even though we are on different sides of the

Thanks again for a top job at a more the fair price.



We Are Currently : Available for Blogger & WordPress Work.

Want To Spice Up Your Blog but don’t have the time, can’t manage to follow a tutorial or have a unique idea? No problem, you can sit back put up your feet and have the work done for you. Be it a Tutorial From Spice Up Your Blog or something you seen elsewhere, a gadget you seen on another blog or a complete professional makeover. We can help you out.

Yep, we will dig into your template and make the changes to Spice Up Your Blogs Design or Performance exactly as you require. I’m Paul Crowe and as the author of one of the most popular Blogger Design blogs and Templates sites. I have years of experience to provide.

Working with me on many jobs will be Harish Dasari, Harish is so good it’s scary and specializes in advanced design, coding and WordPress Design.

So lets look at what we can do to give you an Amazing Blog!

As it is called Hire Us there is of course a charge for our time but i keep it as low as possible. You can pay safely via PayPal and we will be in touch throughout working together to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Prices – The price of work ranges from $99. From simply implementing a tutorial you may have seen on Spice Up Your Blog to completely making over your blog we can help. When you contact us give an outline of what you are looking for and I will give you a no obligation Quote. I have already completed an endless number of jobs and all involved were delighted with the results.

Example 1 – Seen a Gadget, Widget or other change you would like to add to your blog but are having trouble?

Example 2 – Every Blog Should Be SEO Optimized, we will add SEO Optimized Titles, Descriptions, Short Descriptions and Tags to your blog.

Example 3 – Blogger Full Pack – This is a complete Blog Makeover Not only Design, Template, SEO, Social Media, Gadgets and more but also advice on best practice for your particular blog. The work does not stop until you are happy and I am on hand even after the job has finished to answer any questions. Resources such as screen capture video are used to make the process as easy as possible.

These are just some of the services I offer. However whatever you need I will do my best to help and give a quote.

So what are you waiting for contact Harish or Paul directly via Email –


(Please Use the subject Hire Me)

Include your blogs URL and tell me whats on your mind !

Satisfaction Guaranteed, If we cant do it we wont take it on.