Google+ Authorship – Profile On Search Results For WordPress And Blogger

Posted : Sunday, July 15, 2012 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 8 Comments

Google+ Steel Logo IconGoogle are working astonishingly hard to push their new(ish) social network Google+.One of the features they have implemented is the option to connect your Google+ Profile to your blog.This will in turn verify you as the author of the blog which has some advantages.Possibly the main advantages is your Google+ profile will be displayed beside your blogs on search results.

If you look at the screenshot below you can see By Paul Crowe with My Google+ profile Picture.Pretty cool and it’s easy to do the same for your blog.

Search Results With Google+ Profile

Connect Your Google+ Profile To Your Blog

On WordPress.

WordPress users can have their Google+ Profile connected to their site using this new plugin.

On Blogger

Blogger do the work for you on this, you just need to use Google+ as your Blogger profile.Check out the video below for further instructions.

Easy as that !

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  1. SaikiranReddySamaJuly 15, 2012 at 4:52 AM

    Good Tips Paul,Thank YOU


  2. video helped in understanding the thing more nicely, just wanted to know the procedure to add a border on the youtube videos, as you have done here. It would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Wikileaks AlarabiaJuly 15, 2012 at 12:29 PM

    thanks Lisa


  4. Awesome tutorial Paul,Thanks


  5. Previous tut i saw about Google plus profile in search results were to much lengthy and not worked for me but this one is shortest and awesome.


  6. Thanks for great tip. I am doing it now for my blog too..


  7. Awesome Post. I have done this using the link rel option. Linked My Name to google + Profile. That to helped. Saved the load on server to load plugin. Try that too.


  8. Informative post. Thanks for your great tips, really helpful.