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How To Find Ideas For Your Next Great Blog Post


How to Find Ideas for your Next Great Blog Post
Guest Post By Rachel Hyun Kim
Stuck on ideas? Running out of inspiration? This problem is a common one for bloggers, who often must juggle between producing quality content and a strict content schedule. Regardless of whether your blog has a weekly or daily content schedule, it is important to maintain it with consistent blog posts. If not, a blog with prolonged inactivity may lead to consequences, such as the loss of readers and traffic.

5 Tips for Frustrated Bloggers

When suffering from the writer’s block, coming up with new blog post ideas can seem like a near impossible challenge. However, the following tips can help writers find ways around their current drought of ideas.

Expand your Niche

Given time, a blog that focuses on a single niche may have exhausted all possible topics. If your blog suffers from this case, then you may want to consider expanding beyond your niche and addressing different topics. In addition to providing fresh ideas and topics, a new subject matter could also bring in new readers to your blog. However, if you choose to take this route, make sure that the topic you choose is not wildly different from your original niche. If your sports blog decides to focus on food and cooking, it may confuse readers.

Ask the Audience

Blogs should be written with the audience in mind: therefore, it may be useful to directly ask readers what they’d like to see on the blog. There are a number of ways through which bloggers can gauge audience interest, whether through voter polls or reader comments. By taking these opinions into consideration, the blogger can tailor their next post based on the reader’s expectations.

Write Down Ideas

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places, whether you’re out for a walk or at the grocery store. However, if you don’t have a means to write these ideas down, you may quickly forget these ideas. Keeping a notebook and pencil can help you quickly jot down ideas that can be integrated into your post. For more tech-savvy individuals, there are a number of notepad applications for smartphones that are incredibly useful.


Interviewing is a great way to create a quality guest post that doesn’t require much original thought. Based on your blog’s subject and niche, interviewing experts and opinion leaders can be a great way to draw interested readers into your site. In addition, this also builds the credibility, increasing the reputation and quality of your blog.

Guest Post

If you’re completely stuck for ideas, never fear: there are an endless amount of writers online, looking to guest post on blogs. The benefits of guest posting are numerous, as it gives bloggers a much-needed respite. In addition, guest posters provide the blog with a fresh point of view and new readers. However, when looking for a guest poster, make sure that you carefully screen applicants and avoid spammy articles. A poorly written guest post will reflect badly on you and your blog.

guest blog postBy Guest Author -Rachel Hyun Kim is a writer for Resource Nation, an online resource that gives advice such as lead generation to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Rachel has written on a variety of topics, ranging from medical billing software and telemarketing services.
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  1. Don't you think that sticking to niche area can help a person achieve success when seen in longer time period. Dolling out articles on vast topics may give dividends in short term but sticking to single niche may outweigh in longer term. Rgds

  2. Writing down ideas is important, I use my smartphone apps for Blogger or WordPress apps to jot down the title at the very least.

  3. I generally look for blogs similar to my niche and look for more ideas.

  4. Always bring your notepad and a pencil or pen who knows when the ideas suddenly comes up.

  5. Hi admin.Please solve my problem.Google robots restrict my more that 50 pages.In the result i lost many visitors day by day.Please help me admin.My blog is help me out admin plz

    1. sunil I'm afraid i can't help you, post your question in the Blogger help forum here -

  6. Really grate post. I hope all the bloggers will read this. Thanks for posting. And this is good for you also!!

  7. Superb Post, Very interesting tips, thanks

  8. Frustrated blogger, huh? I think I know someone: my best friend! Haha! She always says she runs out of words. This can probably help her a lot. Do you think these tips are a good gift for her upcoming birthday? Nah, JK. :D


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