Add Animated Rainbow Changing Colors To The Links On Blogger


In this post i have a neat effect for the links on your blog.Using some javascript you can make the links on your blog change through different colors when the cursor is hovered over them.The effect comes from Dynamic Drive and we have a one click button to add it to your blog in seconds.Check out the demo below, simply hover your cursor over the post titles or any of the links on the demo blog.

View Demo Button

Add Rainbow Links To Your Blog

Method 1

Simply click the button below, select the blog you want it on then click add widget :

Method 2

If this will not work for you (Sometimes there are issues with the Add To Blogger Button) follow these steps :

Step 1. In The New Blogger Dashboard Click The Drop Down For Your Blog > Choose Layout > Click Add A Gadget > Choose HTML/Javascript > Paste In The Code then save as shown in the video below :

Code :

<script src=''>

Rainbow Links Script- TAKANASHI Mizuki
For full source code, 100&#39;s more DHTML scripts, and TOS,
Blogger Version -


That's it a cool effect for your links, check out more of our Blogger Gadgets.

Drop your comments and questions below.

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  1. thanks. I just added it to mine.

  2. I'm giving it a try. Thank you!

  3. how to add it?.. can anyone please tell me..

    1. Simply click on the add to blogger button !! And you are done :D

  4. I love how we can add with a click of the button now!!!

  5. this is soo cool gadget i really add this to my site

  6. I blogged about this tip today. Thanks for sharing! Too cool!

  7. Hello,i found your site through search,yours site is excellent and a nice website...

    The contents are nice &will grow higher in future...


  8. That was by far the most idiot proof add on I have seen. I like it.

  9. really nice and i added to my blog

  10. superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello Paul,

    Your blog is wonderful! Your tips are excellent!
    Already saved in my favorites and I indicate my friends too.

    Sorry, but I do not speak English very well.

    peace and blessings

    Lucy :)

  12. Your blog is so nice. I'm a new blogger,-, started few months ago. Been trying to change my blogger template without success. Can u give me some tips on how to do it successfully. Please

  13. I love your bloggggg.....Thank you for the gadgets

  14. Awesome! I just added it to my blog! Thanks!!

  15. Thanks very muck this is the best site ever

  16. I've clicked the add widget button, it says "error-you need to fill in the required field" but i have already filled out everything :(

    1. Chanchan Pearl - I have added a second method to add the code to your blog check it out.


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