8 Smart Promotional Tips to Make Your Blog a Roaring Success !

Posted : Monday, January 16, 2012 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 26 comments

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Promote your blog

Blogs: one of the hottest mediums in the online world, you can barely visit any site that doesn’t have a blog section, and the amount of blogs out there is increasing daily. Writing awesome content is all very well and good, yet this alone will not make your blog a hit; without smart promotion you will almost definitely fail. After all, what is the point in putting all your effort into writing fabulous content if no-one is listening?

Here are 8 tried and tested promotional tips that can do wonders for your blog following;

Use and Abuse Social Media!

A somewhat obvious platform to promote your blog, this is all too often not used to its maximum capability. More and more potential readers of your blog are entering into the world of social media everyday so it would be foolish NOT utilise this platform. Yet, be careful not to simply post updates of new posts. Connect with people and communicate on a personal level. Not only will showing your personality in this manner make people more likely to read your blog and share it with their followers and friends, but you can decipher what your desired readers want to discuss. Social media engagement not only helps promote your blog but also improves it. Result!

Include Useful Links in your posts.

By linking up other relevant and useful blog posts, not only will your readers know where to look for useful information, the bloggers you have linked to will be grateful for the link and be more likely to link up to you in the future.

Comment, Comment, Comment!

Commenting on other blog posts is an excellent way to connect with people, form contacts in your niche and get you name recognized. Blog writers will often respond to comments and questions on their posts, as k pertinent questions and you are sure to get answers and form contacts. Connect with these influential people on Twitter as well.

Get Guest Blogging!

Possibly the best way to promote your blog, there are hundreds of options to guest blog out there, and posting quality content on high-quality sites give you a broader audience for your posts. When guest posting, most of the time you are allowed to include links back to your own site. Brilliant promotion, these blogs can drive traffic back to your own site and potentially enlist a whole host of new followers.

Accept Guest Blogs.

Following on from the previous point, allowing people to post on your blog is also brilliant promotion. Guest bloggers are always looking for places to contribute their content and are more than happy to promote their contribution all over their social media channels. This will drive a lot of new people to your site.

Use Your Contacts.

Leverage your friends and family, again a seemingly simplistic tactic but getting 20 friends and family to share you blog on their own social media channels could unleash your blog onto a whole new range of potential readers.

Social Bookmarking Sites.

Another fabulous way of promoting your blog is utilising social bookmarking sites. Submit your post to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and watch lots of new people arrive at your blog.

Get Pinteresting!

I know this is in a sense a social bookmarking site and the Internet is currently bombarded with posts advocating this site as the newest marketing tool , but I really thought it deserved its own point. Pinterest not only promotes your content to a whole host of potential readers, but gives you dofollow links back to your own site every time something from your blog is pinned. Create a Pinterest account and engage in this community, repining and commenting on other boards and pinning interesting content from your own blog. This is a brilliant way to increase traffic and

Promotion is extremely important when blogging so employ these strategies and see your blog’s online presence sky rocket !


  1. Hi, Lianne ! Thanks for your tips. There are so many blogs has fabulous post but no-one is listening.


  2. Hai Paul.
    This is a brilliant tips. Many novice bloggers who do not heed these tips. They just want their quick success and well-known blogs.

    To succeed takes time and hard work

    Good H. jihad


  3. Nice tips, just started Pinterest last week and love it! It can be addicting. It does take a lot of work and too many people give up before they become successful.


  4. This is a very helpful article. There is so much competition out there and finding unique ways to promote your brand is necessary to be seen and heard above all the noise and clutter. Thank you!


  5. Thanx soo much for this Paul and Lianne.
    I’d written to u (paul) about this and thought u’d forgot ;D i appreciate.
    On the same topic of using social media, there’s a way to connect your blogspot blog to google+ and get your posts automatically posted to your google+ profile. I read it a few minutes ago.
    Please write an article about this paul, i’m sure others will benefit too. Thanx.


  6. nice tips! Thanks


  7. Great tips.. Thanks


  8. Yeah, nice tips 🙂
    I already use Facebook as an personal and 1-to-1 marketing/dialoge channel to post tips, ask for help and everything else. Can really recommend that you implement both Twitter and FB on your blog 😉


  9. yeah , i like this http://phonetechng.blogspot.com/


  10. Great Tips! thnk’s…


  11. very useful tips good work…….


  12. Hey,
    Thanks for the tips.


  13. My blog is only about three months old, so it’s still new. Mostly all of my traffic is due to social bookmarking. Social bookmarking can drive lots of traffic to your blog because I’ve experienced it first hand.


  14. Really useful tips, just opened my account on Pinterest


  15. I’m really glad you all like the post! Blog promotion is so important, there is so much brilliant writing out there, and I really think everyone should be heard 🙂


  16. lianna,here u say about social media engagment and ur suggestion about personal relation with people as wellas how can we create thal links are greatest ideas.thanks for sharing.
    keep smiling:)


  17. liannam,above u give social media engagment tip and not only link as a professionally but personally.and how cam we mae links with other people? theses are great ideas.
    Nice for sharing.
    eep smiling:)


  18. श्रेष्ठ निरजोFebruary 24, 2012 at 2:14 AM

    its very nice idea….i have pr 1 but its not increasing till now. How can I increase it plz help me out.






  19. You just keep on posting… don’t wait for increasing… Just concentrate on your blog’s quantity and quality… it will do one day… HAPPY BLOGGING




  21. thanks for the tips!


  22. Many people make the mistake of blogging for a couple of months and then give up when they do not see fast results. Consistency is key. Write frequently and keep at it, no matter what happens.

    Also, stay focused on the same narrow topic. If you become interested in a new one, make sure that you open a different blog, in order to continue attracting the right crowd.

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  23. Letsenjoy|Tricks and TipsMarch 18, 2012 at 5:46 AM

    WoW. really very useful tips are given here. thanks for posting


  24. This is tied in closely with who you want to talk to and what you want to talk about, but establishing your own unique writing tone can give you your own niche in the blogsphere, as well as making your writing easily identifiable. Are you funny and light hearted? Sarcastic? Serious? While you will, of course, end up writing in all tones, a predominant one can help you define yourself as a blogger. If you’re snarky and sarcastic, maybe play that up to great effect. Read other bloggers in your field. See what you like about their tone. See what bugs you. And then think about how you can invent your own tone that is somehow different from what others have done.
    So you’ve got a niche in mind. You’ve got a tone. What else should you do?


  25. Nice Posts buddy, 🙂

    Sagar Garg


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  27. Nice post.I have read all the tricks and will follow all the tips and tricks to promote my blog.Thanks.